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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Everyone remembers PhxAss though. Maybe the name wasn't so bad after all .
It ph*x ASS!

Oops, I'm sure that's a misinterpretation!!

Anyway, well I must confess I've never used it, I've heard the name before on EAB though. It all began with SEKA (I once went by the handle of KUMA!), then things started to happen with MasterSEKA and AsmOne, I switched to AsmOne and never looked back. I've used other assemblers though - DevPac briefly and ArgAsm was pretty nice though I missed the IDE of AsmOne.
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I started kind of late and had an unusual upgrade route.
Assembler: Cape->PhxAss->vasm
Editor: CygnesEd + Arexx (1 key assemble and link)
Debugger: Code Probe->MetaScope (wish it worked on 68060)->BDebug
Disassembler: ninfo->D68k and old IRA->Resource, new IRA (Frank Wille) and new ADis (I'm developing)

I can see the appeal of AsmOne. The interface is a bit dated but fast. It makes sense if that's what you are used to. I like CygnesEd because it's fast and powerful. ARexx support is top notch too.
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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
My first steps in coding assembler was when I was 11, on the Acorn Atom and Apple-II.
Then you started the same time as me, although being younger. I got my VIC-20 in the beginning of 1983 and switched to 6502 after a few weeks with BASIC.

But it was not until I was 13 or so that it was anything more than 'modified typed-in sources from magazines'. If you know what I mean. All those home computer brands, one more exciting than the other! Good times
Indeed! Those were the days! Now it has become so boring and we are all living in the past... *sigh*
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