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Does anyone know what Starfield called in Alien Breed?

The original Alien Breed game that show the Starfield going in different direction often but what is called?

3D Starfield Twist?
3D Starfield Rotations?
3D Starfield Directions?

I have made 3D Starfields before but the one in Alien breed starfield look quite tough to do...
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Just 3D Starfield There's nothing to it but perspective projection.
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How do I get the 3D starfield moving different directions like up, down, left, right and so on?
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To make the stars move you just offset their coordinates of course, but you also have to confine the stars to some space or you'll just see them move off the screen and disappear. Basically you wrap the coordinates to some range, f.ex -1000 < X < 1000, and if a star moves past X = 1000 you just subtract 2000 to have it appear at around X = -1000, and so the stars will "wrap" around inside this range and you get the effect of an infinite starfield.
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3D Starfields in following cracktros look much better in my opinion:

Lemmings/Skid Row
Paradroid 90/Classic
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End starfield in Coder Trash/MEXX also looks good And Phalanx 3D-demo I and II.

Just randomize x,y,z coordinates within some big cube and to project x,y to screen x,y just add some big number and divide by (z+some half-big number).
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