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Any support for GVP 286 ?


I did try to emulate [ Show youtube player ] with its GVP HD8+ Series II and its PC 286 card
But I can't find the PC 286 card in WinUAE.

It is supported?
If it is not supported and you need something to support it, tell me.

Many thanks
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Toni Wilen
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Commodore bridgeboards are emulated because they are almost fully documented in register level, both Amiga and PC visible sides.

All other PC bridgeboards don't have any technical documentation.
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A pic of the board showing what's printed on the large square chip underneath the label and a dump of the board's AutoConfig data would be a start.

By the way, the PC286 software was developed by Vortex, so the hardware could well be very similar to the ATonce Plus (which was also distributed by GVP in the USA).

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I had an ATonce Plus a long time ago. If it could be emulated in WinUAE that would be cool. Basically it’s very similar to a bridge card so it should not be a priority.
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Old 24 February 2020, 10:10   #5
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Not much reason to emulate it as no software ever used it other than the program that came with it that handled the display/keyboard/disk drive interface. Any emulation of it would be strictly for historical posterity.

(Of course the bridgeboards weren't much better -- but there at least were some interesting third party programs that did stuff with them.)
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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Only reason to not emulate some (never released) hardware is that it does not have any software whatsoever. That is totally pointless.

Emulation is not usually implemented because it would be useful


Bridgeboard reply part 2.

Because documentation is non-existing:

Someone needs to dump the BIOS ROM, disassemble and comment it. Someone who is familiar with old PC BIOSes. It most likely is based on some common BIOS + hardware specific changes.

(I don't do x86 reverse-engineering.)

Amiga-side programs also need disassembling.

(I am not interested)

-> predicted chance of this happening: 0.
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