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Hardfile: How do I create one?

...Or better yet, convert my existing Hard Drive (a 8GB CF card with WB 3.1) to a Hardfile.

My dilemma:

In this video, by Casual Retro Gamer, he is about to show us how easy it is to patch the scsi.device, and overcome the 4GB limit.

[ Show youtube player ]

The issue that I have is this:

I have an 8GB CF card, and when I created the boot partition (DH0, 512MB in size) allocated the rest to DH1: The quick format complains that 'object too large' (obviously)

Question 1:

Can I leave DH1 as unformulated, install WB 31. on DH0 (512MB in size), reboot, patch the scsi.device (using scsi.device.43.45), in order to able to *see* my DH1?

Edit, I tried to format DH1, and still says object too large. What is the point of patching the scsi.device then? In other words, when does it come into effect?

Question 2:

On larger than 4GB hard drives, can I have only 2 partitions? (DH0, as boot, and DH1, as my gaming WHDLoad and other stuff), because at the moment it seems that I can only have 2 additional partitions (DH1, and DH2), up to 3.5GB each.


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You can easily resolve if you initialize and partition your CF Card by booting WinUAE with more modern OS such as OS 3.1.4, OS 3.5 or OS 3.9.
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I know, to be honest, I am sick and tired of trying to get past this 4GB barrier, with no success.

Believe it or not, I have had purchased the Hyperion's 3.1.4 2X ROM Chips + Floppy Diskettes bundle back in 2018, and it is still sealed in the box.

I always thought I might give the *ready-made* Classic Workbench packs a try, but it seems migrating from Classic Workbench to the new 3.1.4 is more of a hassle, I decided to give the scsi.device.43.45 patch a try, and see if I can get past the 4GB barrier.

Well, that was not successful, so I am going to pop in the new 3.1.4 ROM chips, install the 3.1.4 WB on my SanDisk 32GB CF, and be done with it!!!
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Sounds like you forgot the important step of changing the file system. I have spent the afternoon and evening here doing much the same thing, only with a 16GB drive, which I had previously had installed in my A600 with kickstart 37.350 (Kickstart 2) and Workbench 2.1

I didn't use the video you showed, instead I used ClassicWB and followed these instructions: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=32256

Didn't even need Kickstart 3 or Workbench 3, and works with my A600 with it's soldered Kickstart 2 ROM.
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i don't understand a thing: but real Amiga with CF require hardfile?
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Yup, Filesystem plays a huge role. I have a 64GB SDCard with very large partitions. A bunch of them. Using PFS3AIO with DOSType 0x50465300 and Full Drive/RDB mode. I'm using A4000 CyberstormPPC/060 but as Tony has typed, it also works with A500. I understand that it's NOT completely guaranteed yet >4GB but so far..I've only encountered 1 time when my SDCard was munched. I've been using this since some after it was released. OS 3.1, 3.5, and
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Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
i don't understand a thing: but real Amiga with CF require hardfile?
No the HardFile cannot be used as a System Disc, at most it can be mounted.

The HardFile is the disk image, to boot on the real Amiga it must be written to the CF via USB Image Tools etc...
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Following the video tutorial by Casual Retro Gamer:

1) Instead of a HardFile, I am using a real CF card (2GB) with basic WB 3.1 already installed, and patched using scsi.device.43.45 (instead of using a HardFile as shown in your video)

2) Then I connect another real CF Card (8GB) to work on, and partition

3) Is this method correct, or do I *definity* need a HardFile instead?

If the answer to 3, is NO:
Then, can you show me how to create a HardFile, and install basic WB 3.1 on it, as I really have issues.

If the answer to 3 is YES:
Then, in my calculations, I might have make a mistake, here is what I did:

I have a 8GB CF card, that I would like to allocate 512MB to DH0 (OS), and the rest, as DH1 (GAMES)

You mentioned that:

2080 = is 1G
Then 7GB, would be 7X2080 = 14,560
512MB ends at 4164 (DH0)

so for DH1, I add 4165 to 14,560, and get 18,725

Therefore, for DH1, I ended up typing 4165 as START, and 18725 as END

When I followed the rest of your guide and tried to confirm the actual size with DirectoryOpus, all I got for DH1 was 1.6GB! (instead of 7GB)

Quick favors to ask:
Would be kind enough to calculate sizes for the following two partitions, CF card sizes:


DH0 (512MB), and DH1 (7GB)

DH0 (1GB), and DH1 (31GB)

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
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Have a look at hstwb, it can create hdd images ready to write to a cf card with pfs3 installed etc, I used it to set up my 32gb card running ClassicWB 3.9 as a starting point.
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I ended up using HDInstTools to partition and format my 8GB CF (using pfs3aio, and patching my scsci.device.43.45 of course)

Now, my 8GB CF card is properly create:

DH0 (512MB) for Workbench (OS)

DH1 (6.5GB) for WHDLoad and Demos

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