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Chambers of Muon - Multiplayer FPS Amiga Game

There was an arcade game called "Chambers of Muon" which was essentially 7 networked Amiga's (either 500's or 1000's) providing a first person shooter experience. Some info about the game can be found here:

A friend and I played this game at the Echelon Mall in Cherry Hill, NJ. It was a game I played once or twice, and always wanted to go back to.. When my parents finally brought me back the game was gone with no explanation. The article above says the Amigas were networked with a '$3 adapter' and 'a simple protocol', so i'm curious if that means serial/joystick port networking.

It turns out that the game was a 'test run' and may have also had a second test at another arcade in Houston (and possibly under another name) but it didn't generate enough revenue to compete for floor space against the other arcades at the time. It's hard to tell exactly when these tests ran -- but it was sometime between 1987 and 1989 most likely.

After finding out about the Networked Amiga's part, my friend and I scoured the internet to see if we could find the author and see if we might be able to get the source code, or even just pictures to preserve memories of this Amiga (networked) game. As best as I can tell, (Sad story warning), the guy started a blog in early 2013 "499 days". The blog was named this because he had taken an online longevity calculator and it say he had about 500 days to live +/-. If you read through the blog it is a bit depressing at points as the guy has health issues (gaining 28 lbs of fluid in 10 days), and talks about mortality throughout the blog. A few weeks later a "we are sorry for your loss" posting is on the facebook page of one of the businesses he referenced working with.

He does include a link to his 'partners website' Delphine - but that domain is no longer owned (although the blog entry is here -- https://journeygliders.wordpress.com/ ).

He appears to have a son named Vincent, and maybe another son or family member "Jon". According to the blog, Vincent was in 3rd grade school when the author was coding this game (circa 1986-1987), placing him at ~38-39 years old now. We think Rob Currier may be the authors name.

It's likely this gem is lost in history forever, but I'm debating maybe trying to track down the guys son somehow and seeing if they might have old disks, printed materials, or an Amiga from Rob. Unfortunately as this game only went to two places and the equipment was pretty expensive, I'm guessing he sold all or most of the equipment after the tests didn't work out.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this memory and an attempt to save it for the future.


Trying to track down his name we found an entry here that seems to coincide with the end of the guys blog:
May 27, 2013 ยท
our most heart felt condolences go out to Jon and the rest of the Currier family on the loss of there family member Rob

Also, some discussion on Muon here:

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Hello All -

My name is Robert Emmons. I am a documentary filmmaker and film professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Along with my friends, I have fond memories of playing Chamber of MUON during its short, but important lifespan.

I am doing preliminary research for a documentary about the mysterious video game which was at the Video Village arcade in Voorhees, NJ circa 90-91.

I am looking for individuals who have stories about playing, seeing, or have any knowledge about the game.

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