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Moon 1969 = amiga 1985

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virtual reality with amiga inside !

Do you remrmber these games with virtual reality in london ???
That was amiga inside!!!
But what i'm thinking about is : nobody tried to did a copy of these games and try it in winuae ????
It should perhaps be possible ??? But where to find it ???
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Moon 1969 = amiga 1985

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this is one of these machines !!!!!
[ Show youtube player ]
ps: perhaps it's time for microsoft or sony or nintendo or else to make a next generation game machine with virtual reality integrated ??

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Nice, complex 3D on A500, thanks for video.
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Do you mean Dactyl Nightmare etc.?
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chance is, the MAME folks will once get one of the machines and emulate the hardware / rescue the software.

here are some technical details on amigahistory website.
some screenshots by Museum of VR.
new posting about the headgear - the one may have the full machine
posting on a related forum ( google cache - else needs to be registered) about a 1000CS, with photos of the device.
arcade-history about Dactyl Nightmare.
VR-Tifacts - All Brawn – Virtuality 1000CS HMD - pictures and ingame-footage video.

links of an existing machine:
One is offering a Manual for the CS 1000.
Posting about repair of a 1000CS - same board as above - same Author too. page 3 has photos of the A3000 and other hardware parts - leaked
on page 3 - "The Virtual Reality Construction Kit" - "The Virtual Reality Programmers Kit" - software for the Amiga?

who is going to register and ask for manual and software
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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
Do you remrmber these games with virtual reality in london ???
That was amiga inside!!!
But what i'm thinking about is : nobody tried to did a copy of these games and try it in winuae ????
It should perhaps be possible ??? But where to find it ???
I remember seeing a post about this somewhere else recently where someone was asking something similar.
Iirc there was a post from someone who had previously had a virtuality machine who reckoned that because of all the custom hardware for the joysticks and headset the software was unlikely to work in uae

I came across a virtuality machine dumped in an old abandoned tourist attraction that was due to be demolished around 5 years ago as the (obvious trophy) headset was gone I didnt give it much more thought. In retrospect I should have pilfered its innards!
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Nice, complex 3D on A500, thanks for video.
It's actually Amiga 3000 based and has custom graphics and otehr hardware.
It wouldn't work on WinUAE.

I think the way this machine worked was that the Amiga was a glorified controller for putting everything together. There's probably not much being run by the 68k processor in these machines.
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Those were great. I had a T-Shirt from the events we had where two of the VR units were connected together and you could run around in a virtual 3D world, shooting each other.

I put the T-Shirt on a mannequin when I sold my VFX1 (unrelated) a few years back. Still have the pictures =)


I miss that T-Shirt...
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There's a guy that has one, that works, and was demonstrating it at the retro revival show earlier this year. I tried to get a go but could not, but chatted to him about the Amigas inside.
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The guy who posted the restoration of the VR machine running Dactyl Nightmare was me!

Its internals are an Amiga 3000/30, with a pair of custom graphics cards. The GFX cards are TMS34020 32 bit 40Mhz systems, that each produce a slight offset image in each eye to give a `real 3D` effect.
There is a custom `IO` PCB called the Format Board. This handles the gfx card protection, audio mixing and volumes, and joystick tracking on the Sit Down machines, as well as credit control and a few other bits.

The Tracking system is either a Polhemus Fastrak or an Ascension FOB, depending if a CS (standup) or SD (sitdown) machine, respectively. Both systems use a magnetic transmitter and the receiver is within the Visette (HMD)

As for Winuae, I use that to edit the startup sequences of the systems, so I can learn, and change, and now put other games on. I cant run the games on Winuae - as the software looks for a GFX card, then when it cant find it, it stops the game and heads back into a CLI.

Since that restoration in early 2013, the machine has been to about 10 events around the country, and to make it even better - I restored a second one! - The one in the `Photos` link that Emufan posted. It was `ArcadeOll`s machine, he sold it to me. Playing head to head is available!
I am currently working on the restoration of a Sit Down machine, and I`ll then work on the 3rd CS1000 I have too!

Check out my FB page.
Retro VR. - please like!

Also, if in the area, please come along to the Retro Computer Museum, as we have one of the CS`s there with Dactyl Nightmare, and hopefully soon - the SD with Exorex.
Google the museum and check out when we`re open next. We have LOADS of retro computers and consoles to play on - with almost every game!


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Have a look here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=1136731&nojs=1

I work for a VR company (11+ years) called Maelstrom which formed after Virtuality died. I work with the designer of Dactyl Nightmare amongst others

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