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Originally posted by kriz
why are you flaming ???

whats the point of joining an amiga board if you dont like amiga (and even dont want to hear about the new developments, surely if you were an amiga user you would like to see its still alive ...) ????!
I have read a little about the AmigaOne and I would like to see it come out with Amiga OS! Today it comes with Linux which I can get for my PC for free if I wanted it that is. Why not ship AmigaOne with shock horror "AmigaOS"? I like Amiga for the classic games, todays PC games suck.
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well the amigaOne is not for sale yet, you can pre-order but that is ... They are working on OS4.0 , this is a big task and its going to take some time to get it done (but we can wait abit longer, since we have waited this long already ...). Im not buying the AOne until OS4.0 is ready and shipped with it ...
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Well, a PC comes with windows but you have to pay for it... New Amiga hardware is ready but works with Linux at the mo. What's wrong with that? Even Amiga NG will actually emulate classic amiga (at least in terms of games)...
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WindowsBoy - I am shocked too, but shocked rather that you would concern your first thread on an Amiga board about how many of the members are deluded because they don't share your opinion. It looks suspiciously like trolling to me.

Believe it or not, your word is not a Universal Truth and this is an Amiga board, not a Windows fan board. Some members hate Microsoft and Windows XP and some like it. Some use only their Amiga. That is up to them. Personally, my main computer runs Windows XP and I also use WinUAE and a real upgraded Amiga.

What we don't need is yet another discussion about the Amiga vs PC or Workbench vs Windows. These topics have been overdone and often end in flame wars, because of the strong feelings involved. The topic has been restarted again in an inflammatory and poorly argued way. What's the point, other than to annoy people?
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@ WindowsBoy


Maybe a trip to amiga beginners will help you.
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WindowsBoy is a current member of the EAB pretending to be a new member, in order to cause trouble.

WindowsBoy is banned and this thread is closed.
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