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Riot Retro Gaming

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Nice! It works.

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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post

Something i wanted todo for a long time, but many failed attempts mainly due to cutting textures and levels out of the wad file to get it small enough to boot on a stock machine to no avail.

Now finally with the availability of more Fast-RAM expansion boards for the CD32 its time to release it in an uncut form, fully bootable on a CD32 console, that has 8MB of free Fast-RAM*

*Depending on your setup, it may require disabling of any IDE partitions if a HDD is attached as this will free up any Fast-RAM. (hold down both mice buttons on the reset of the CD32, disable all partitions and select 'boot' it should now load, this will reset back after a hard reboot of the console)


Red = Shoot
Blue = Open Doors
Play = Pause/Menu
FWD = Strafe Right
RWD = Strafe Left

This version uses Doom Attack 0.8 (with Akiko C2P support for a nice speedup for CD32 users, sure i wont pretend its a miracle for CD32 owners, you will need to play in low-res mode and have the window about the size in the screenshot, even then it still struggles, but i feel if we had this back in 1994/5 we would have been happy with the port, so take it as it is and you will find something to enjoy running it on your CD32, pretty cool for a 14mhz machine!

Many thanks of course go to Georg Steger the author of Doom Attack.

Download is on the eab server "uploads/cd32" folder*

*Details for registering for access to the eab server.

Can't find Doom, do you have the full link please?


Already found it, here is the link so you do not need to look for it true a bunch op folders.


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Hi AmigaJay
Awesome work! Longshot but is it possible to add CD Audio to the game?
- the 3DO soundtrack added would be awesome..!
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Originally Posted by SteveUK View Post
Hi AmigaJay
Awesome work! Longshot but is it possible to add CD Audio to the game?
- the 3DO soundtrack added would be awesome..!
Not without someone coding it into the gamecode (no idea if that part of the PC code is left it, you could always make up a cue file with any old cd track with the iso and test in winuae)
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