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AIBOT (game) released

AIBOT game released

AIBOT is a test game of an educational game idea aimed at teaching coding principles to player.
It was made for Christiandevs Speedgame 2018 competition and received an honorable mention.

You can see a bit about the game from this Apostolic Game Designers video about speedgames (AIBOT starts at 6:20):
[ Show youtube player ]

at start, AIBOT is available through Indiego Appstore:
Indiego Appstorel
I will at later point also upload this to Aminet, but in effort to show support to Indiego Appstore, it is available from there for now.

AIBOT is available to all main Amigas (OS3, OS4, MorphOS, AROS) and also Windows. If there is interest to Mac and Linux versions, I can make them too.
Notice that this was made with Hollywood using power heavy ways for graphics, so you need very powered up machine to have a chance for this to work on OS3.

Go now and download it to your favorite machine from Indiego Appstore!
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Game is now available from both Aminet: http://aminet.net/search?query=aibot

And through direct download links from Indiego Appstore:

AOS3: http://indiego.rocks/file/downloadAp...5c85a33e094bd5

AOS4: http://indiego.rocks/file/downloadAp...eddae992ebd214

AROS: http://indiego.rocks/file/downloadAp...2b888c6ea3a1c7

MorphOS: http://indiego.rocks/file/downloadAp...27c13b827f369c

Windows: http://indiego.rocks/file/downloadAp...f8f2dfae55b010

Let me know, for example by replying here, if you encounter any Crash Bugs.

See game in action from this Apostolic Game Designers video about speedgames 2018 (AIBOT starts at 6:20): [ Show youtube player ]

And any feedback from game itself is also appreciated as I made it as a test game to see if this educational game idea has potential or not to make a commercial version out of it.

This game shows the core idea of what I am after very well, but naturally due to time limit (about 2 weeks) the competition had, it doesnt get very far, for the main idea of this game would be to put player to fight with his own made AI against computer AIs, however, since I didnt get enough commands programmed, there was no possibility for player to make any sensible AI and hence this game ended more like a puzzle game of reach target area with your code.
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Amiga Ireland Podcast is talking about AIBOT in their "Format the Patricarchy" episode at location 18:18:

They are also talking of other latest released games and upcoming games plus other products.
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I'll try this with my son, he likes robots. Hopefully he'll learn a bit of coding concepts.
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Basically I aimed it more at adults perhaps, but I see no reason why kids wouldnt like it too, and while it isnt exactly targeted for kids by having kid interesting things, there also isnt really anything that would push them off either.

To get some idea would be to describe that there is a robot that is bit like Futuramas Bender, although not adultish like Bender. For bender was drinking oil and watching circuit board magazines (=alcohol and adult magazines) but in this one there is nothing like that. But generally speaking you could describe that robot characters are more like Bender than some kiddy characters.

He should basically be able to learn some simple programming. Unfortunately due to the two week limit that the competition had, I didnt get very far with coding concepts, hence there isnt really that much, but it is the core basics anyway and basically I noticed after talking with another person, that there is actually some replayability in this game, that perhaps your son too will want to try different ways to make the codes for levels, which would be very useful for learning.

I basically have a plan for bigger, commercial game like this, but we will see if I make it or not. So far there havent been much feedback, which would perhaps indicate that there isnt much interest for something like this and hence it might be hard to market.

One of the things I would make different in full game would be using a medal system. Right now I am leaving it for player to decide not to use the easy way, but to instead figure out a programming way to complete a level.
That basically you can simply use arrows to complete any level, but there is no fun in doing so, and I am afraid especially kids would resort to completing levels that way.
However, with medal system it could work so that just by completing the level (by using for example arrows only) you would get bronze medal, but to get better medals, you would be for example restricted in to using only certain amount of arrows in a level, hence forcing you to using coding systems instead of just arrows. These medals would then grant you points that would open more levels.
Hence, by using just arrows, you would get some levels open, but eventually you would have to start replaying the previous levels for better medals to get forward.

Anyway, any feedback is appreciated, especially whether your son liked and learned or not.
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I will test it in a few days on my Amiga...
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Nice to hear. You dont happen to be using some classic amiga? For i would be interested in hearing if someone is able to run this on classic amiga, and basically also if someone tries this with some heavier classic amiga and it fails to run, for i wonder if this works on any, even powered up, classic.
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