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Windows XP problem with PFS3 formatted CF.

Managed to partition and format my shiny new 8 GB CF (PFS3) in Winuae I then had to restart Windows xp and now the card reader just tries to access the card all the time and the card is not available in Windows and thus not in Winuae. I guess the problem is that Windows does not recognize the partitions/format of the card. I tried the reader and the card on another Windows XP machine and it works (the card becomes available to Windows and does not try to access the card all the time). However the other computer is my wife's mini laptop and it does not run Winuae so great
So I presume that the problem is indeed the Windows on my computer, but I don't really now what's causing it.

Is there a way to make the (PFS3 formatted) CF available to Windows and thus Winuae somehow on my own computer?
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I don't think that Windows would recognise the card as it is now formatted to an unknown format ie (PFS3). Have you tried to load Winuae and add the drive from there? I had the same problems with the standard file format for the Amiga ie Windows didn't recognise the card but Winuae does. Worth a try anyway
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Thanks, but I already tried that. The problem is that Winuae does not see the drive anymore at all (in the menus it's ok, but it never appears on the "desktop". I guess Windows somehow "reserves" the drive and thus Winuae cannot use it through emulation.
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Toni Wilen
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Try partitioning it again using hdtoolbox.

Drive contents can get corrupted if drive was mounted in Windows (it had FAT32 or NTFS partition(s)) when you partitioned it in WinUAE.
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