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amiga cd32 network help request

Hi other Amiga people,

I didn't post much on this forum, nor do I login frequently.
Maybe it is a bad habit. Sorry if it is.

I need some help with a small question.
Recently I'm using my amiga cd32 again to play games and think of memories in old times. I don't have much other stuff really, only my Amiga 500 I need to restore sometime.
For the cd32 I use a terrible fire card now, a very good update.
Yesterday I was playing the old Lotus racing games again, and that left me with a question. It would be great to be able to have my cd32 connecting to a link cable or network to setup 2 player games with for example lotus2. That one has a special option for a linked game. After research on the net I found this option:


Unfortunately it isn't in production anymore i guess, since no one can supply now. It would be very handy to connect the cd32 to a pc some way, cause the system is closed right now. If I need to add files to my cd32 sd flash card, I need to take it out of the cd32 and put it in a usb flash reader connected to my laptop. A1200 have the advantage here of an option to add a pcmcia card, which I can't.

Would anybody know an alternative for this on my cd32?
Further it is a great machine.
Besides missing a network possibility it works as any other amiga.
I have no need to add a diskdrive to backup or restore adf images or such. Adventure games I can save on the flashcard. Also a printerport I do not use.
A realtime clock would have been nice maybe. Now the o.s. on januari 1978 all the time, weird cause the cd32 came in 1993 Whatever....

Thanks for any hints!

p.s. If you would consider a terrible fire on a cd32, solder a on/off switch on the right jumpers on the card and lead it outside the machine. (or better; use jumper wires....) I have found that some cd32 cd's refuse to run normal when the card is active.. For example my orginal "chaos engine" cd will boot with the card switched on, but nothing is visible is onscreen when the game music is running at the background. Some games are much better in cd32 modus. Not all cd32 whdloaders include cd sound, talkies and stuff like that. For example "Simon the sorcerer cd32 talkie" is the best. Not any point to run the 1200 version on the expansion card.

Just a tip.

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For null modem/serial gaming with the CD32, I use Weird Science SerNet cable (http://www.amigareport.com/ar230/p3-5.html). I found mine on eBay, so maybe you'll have luck there.

You can set a jumper to disable the TF - http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=...7&postcount=17
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