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Amos Pro on classicWB

I have the original Amos Pro (4disks, big book etc) I bought 10 years ago and I'd like to install it on ClassicWB, but the install crashes the machine (4000 040). I also tried to launch the amos (.exe) but nothing happens. Anybody knows how to start (the great) Amos on Amiga 4000 040 3.1 ? Many Tks.

Tips: If you have a 68040 and the great ClassicWB, systempatch from aminet and removing the clock plugin from scalos makes 68060 demos run smoother and increases HD speed access. (At least thats what happened to me. - I put the screen% option instead the clock.)
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I have no idea about Amos - you could try and run the install in pure Workbench mode by booting holding the right mouse button and see if that helps.

Thanks for the clock tip. Never knew that would cause issues. I'll have a look into it when I have time.

These Workbenches will always need a little optimising by the end user for his/her particular machine as they’re setup as a base install rather than a final solution. I appreciate people letting me know about any issues though.
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Try to disable the CPU caches and run the installation proggi again.
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Tks, vivid - the problem was the cache. Disabled -> Amos works ok. So i made a little bat to cpu nocache, then run amos, then again cpu...
I think Scalos is a great WB replacement. I didnt like it, because i tried the betas with uae and they crashed a lot. But this version (1.2) is very good, indeed. Never need to switch to wb.
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