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Old 17 July 2017, 20:59   #21
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I use a 1084 because it just works fine with both my Amigas and C64s. PVMs need special connectors and also not all have Y/C/SVideo.

As for what is better, definitely a PVM over a 1084. 1084s are built like shit and as said before many times, the definition is much better.
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You could probably expect things like convergence and geometry to be less well-adjusted on a 1084. Voltage regulation will likely be worse too, meaning the image size will vary more as the overall picture brightness changes.

On the other hand, both monitors would be fairly old nowadays, so calibration drift over time as components age would affect both.
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The step up is like that from a TV to a 1084.

On the other hand, both monitors would be fairly old nowadays, so calibration drift over time as components age would affect both.
Not really. CRT broadcast monitors were made quite a while into this century whereas the last 1084 was made in 1994 and most of them around 1990-91.

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Old 22 July 2017, 13:36   #24
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It would be interesting with some kind of compiled list of broadcast monitors, model and maker.

I know Snoy, JVC, and Ikegami are some of the manufacturers.
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Old 22 July 2017, 16:17   #25
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Both PVM and BVM are better than 1084 because they cost a lot more to make

The scanlines are actually thinner because they are less blurry, more accurate. But all CRT monitors can be adjusted if you can get the service manual.

All CRT monitors give a better picture than a CRT TV. But no monitor is "automatically good". All depends on hours, burn-in, and storage. So basically you don't want to buy one without picture proof or checking it.

Remotes for PVM/BVM were boxes on top of the unit with knobs on.

PVM/BVM are good for retro gaming because they have the lines to fully support more resolutions for various consoles and computer. But the largest size is 25" (which in fairness is pretty big). There's also Ikegama.

And Sony/Dell Trinitron PC monitors, which sync down beautifully. But like most PC monitors they have a very thin phosphor layer, making 50 Hz very flickery. Tested and not recommended.

For Amiga, get one with 600 lines and component. Stay away from S-Video, at least if you pay any money for it.
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Sony 25 XBR has RGB in and always worked great with Amiga.
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Old 23 July 2017, 18:32   #27
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JVC and Panasonic also made Broadcast Monitors.

A few things to note the older Sony models only support 240P which is fine for most gaming, but if you want to say use a Dreamcast in 480P you will struggle as only a few support 480P.

You will also quite often need a SCART to BNC cable with an LM1881 chip to get the signal into the monitor.

Also don't skimp on your SCART switch if plugging more than one source into your monitor!
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Old 23 July 2017, 22:49   #28
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The PVM/BVM with HR Trinitron tubes are amazing, much better than 1084 for my eyes.
Higher dot pitch, more stable image, especially during peak white and light/dark transitions.

Also, they were designed to work 24/7 and handle heat much better.
Over the years, I've found 2 units in the trash, in areas where I worked.
Both units still work to this day, never had any issues with them.

My only regret is giving away a 20" PVM to a friend, at the time I had no use for it but now would pay to get it back, but he's using it in an arcade cabinet (and it looks incredible).
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Old 24 July 2017, 02:55   #29

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Where's a good place to buy a Sony PVM/BVM today?
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