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My A1200 Resto-Mod project.

So I've been working on not only restoring my original Amiga 1200 back into working condition, but also trying to upgrade/mod it so it's a little more current hardware wise (well... as much as a vintage computer can be really. ). The final goal of all this was to not only be able to play some of the original games I have but to also be able to go online with the Amiga as well.

Initial work that had to be done:

- Complete board recap (and trace repair where necessary). I ended up doing this 2.2x partially because of my own stupidity and partially because of issues that popped up after the fact (ex: the CF adapter board wouldn't fit because the new caps were too tall).

- Add an Indivision AGA Mk2cr so I can actually hook up the system to a more modern display.

- Upgrade ROMs from 3.0 to 3.1 and the OS from 3.0 to 3.9.

- Replace external brick w/an internal PicoPSU and external 12V 10A adapter.

- Remove old square power connector.

- Replace the old 40MB HDD with an 8GB CF card.

- Add a PCMCIA wired NIC so I could go online with the system.

That's probably not too impressive since others have done almost the same before me. After getting the system up and running with OS3.9 that's when I started to notice just how S-L-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-W the system was. The reason? I only had a 4MB GVP SCSI+RAM board in the system. Back in the day it served me well but 4MB on a stock '020 wasn't cutting it with OS3.9 (as all of you probably know and what I had discovered... ). Originally I sourced another 4MB GVP SIMM 32, but.... as most of you already know (and what I had forgotten about) is that this old board isn't PCMCIA friendly @ 8MB, so it ended up having to go. When I added the Indivision AGA I also ran into an unforseen problem; the Expansion Systems Baseboard 1200 RTC now would no longer fit since it was excessively wide.

At this point I figured if I was going to put this much work into the system, I might as well go all the way with it. I recently picked up a 3d printer so I was able to fabricate some of these parts.

- Removed RF modulator to make room for DVI + power ports.

- Made an extension to house said DVI + power ports.

- Made a bracket to install an internal CDROM drive.

- Made a tray to house internal an PicoPSU + Ian Steadman's PicoPSU adapter.

- Make custom cooling brackets.

- Upgrade RTC module and add accelerator.

- Replace CF adapter with a CF+IDE port adapter.

- Add PicoPSU power button that has an LED on it is controlled by an Arduino that senses the state of the PSU and blinks the LED appropriately.

- Modify cable that connects the POWER/FDD/HDD LED to the systemboard so that it can be more easily conected with the CDROM drive in place.

- Along the way I picked up a Rys adapter so I can use a modern optical USB mouse too.

Right now it's about 90% done being that the left-most fan mount needs to be modified and re-printed again, the exhaust area for the fan on the left side of the case needs to be opened up more, the power switch needs to be replaced since I made a boo-boo with Krazy Glue and it stopped moving permanently ( ), the PicoPSU caddy is going to be reworked so it houses the cooling fan above it properly and it mounts more securely in the case, and I also have a really cool idea for the keyboard but it needs to wait until I get everything assembled first.

Here's the outside of the case. It looks bog standard for the most part. The damage on the lower right of the case was done sometime in the past 20 years so I can't tell you how it happened.

Here's the rear. I really should re-center the CDROM drive to even out the gap on the left but you don't normally see the drive while you're using the system so I'll probably keep it as is. The missing chip near the right happened many years ago.

Close up of the DVI+Power port.

Detail of the modified LED connector cable.

New trapdoor. Air duct w/air channel can be seen.

Upper case and keyboard removed so you can see the guts.

Power delivery area.

Accelerator detail + the CDROM drive. You can see a little bit of the cdrom bracket in the shot.

Upper fan temporarily attached to the upper case and the PicoPSU caddy. The fan will be moved to the caddy after I redesign it.

Flopppy cable had to modified to allow more flexibility.

CDROM caddy + clockport clearance. There's still enough room around the clockport to add a device like a Rapidroad USB adapter VIA a cable.
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Cool 3D printed mods! I should do some sort of case for my picoPSUs.
Thanks for sharing these ideas.
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WOW thats some beast.... very nice.
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Nice. What is the 3d printed part near the accelerator (orange) and the other one on the left side of the case for (also orange)?
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they both appear to be fan housings. you can see the right one through the trap door cover under the accelerator, probably directing the air to the CPU
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