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Amiga BBS via telnet ?

Is it possible, to get my Max's BBS running over telnet ?

Setup is (or will be when I pick it up) an A1200HD, with a Easynet NIC

Ive read elsewhere about telser.device - would this in theory work ?

Or if Maxs itself just wont work this way, is there any Amiga BBS software that will ? I know I could run one of the oodles of Windows based BBS packages out there, but it'd be nice to be able to say "an Amiga BBS, ON an Amiga"
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I haven't personally set up BBS, but I've been a user in many real Amiga telnet boards. The most I've been using have used telnetd.device, but AFAIK telser.device should also work.

I'd guess it doesn't matter which BBS software you use, but the boards I've seen have been mostly AmiExpress, FAME, and DayDream.
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In my experience it telnetd.device was a better choice, I can't remember why, I just remember that telser.device was problematic.
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if you are setting up MAX's BBS
i have one running right now

i have first 1.54 version and last year i update it to PRO
have to say it's not easy task on Real Amiga
and it's not easy on UAE you can set it up Win UAE
( i don't have win so can't try that )
Linux UAE gave some usual network Errors if you try to set it answer calls
( I have not found any explanation what the error means )

i have try both TelnetD.device and current i run it by Telser.devise
first one is faster then Telser but it have more stuff to config

and if you don't have AmiTCP set up and you use some other IP/TCP stack
don't install it !!!
you only need AmiTCP directory on your SYS:
assing AmiTCP: sys:AmiTCP
on your startup-sequence

install your TelnetD.device or Telser.device there
that's all what you need in there

Guides say install AmiTCP but you really don't need that
if you not like to use it
i use Miami

one solution is use real serial and telnet stuff on your PC
but you stuck one Node system if you don't have more Serial ports PC and your Amiga

if we get more MAX's BBS how about MAX's FIDO ? :P
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Old 13 January 2016, 21:01   #5
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guys, I'm stuck trying to ressurrect my old TransAmiga BBS and I'm hoping in some help...

So I installed everything within WinUae for now and when the BBS starts I can see some activity on the TelSer interface but after a few seconds the BBS exits with a CARRIER LOST message.

I'm not sure how to configure TelSer, I read that host mode is enabled by checking the rLogin option but afterwards it's not clear what I should do, logically I shouldn't need to connect to any host but it seems like nothing is happening anyway. Any clues?


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Old 14 January 2016, 18:46   #6
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I've never had any luck with TelSer. Use telnetd.device from aminet. In fact, if you go to amiexpress.co.uk they should have a zip file of a full amiga express. In that zip file you can find all the telnetd stuff you need.
Old 17 January 2016, 03:43   #7
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telnetd.device turned out to be much simpler and worked nearly out of the box, thanks!
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Old 09 March 2018, 16:39   #8
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Oddly enough, I found telser easy to install. I made sure to create the AmiTCP folder ahead of time. It seems to be working fine. When will it start to complain about the missing keyfile? I know I can find it online also.

I am intrigued by telnetd.device though. I am seeing it show up all the time for the old BBSes I've been calling so it must be the preferred choice for some reason. It did not find an installer script included in the archive, however, and installing it did not seem as straight-forward as just moving the files to the appropriate folders.
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Originally Posted by esc View Post
[...] if you go to amiexpress.co.uk they should have a zip file [...]
from here (bottom of page) to there
there is plenty stuff to read also .
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