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aka breakpoint

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What would you like to buy today?

What's missing from your Amiga collection?
Would it be just for financial gain?
What do you wish you hadn't got rid of?
What do you scan Amibay/Ebay for?

What would it be and how much would you pay?
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Professional slacker!
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I want:

CS MkII/MkIII for my A4000 Tower
ACA630 & IndiECS for my A600

Then I would be a happy bunny.

But if I were super rich, I'd also get a Mirage Pro from Elbox to house the A4000 Tower (already have the Elbox Power Tower)
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Old 23 November 2010, 00:15   #3
Amiga Tomcat

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Some people are just gready

Dave G
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Old 23 November 2010, 00:20   #4
Targ Explorer

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Amiga things only?

An AmigaOne X1000.
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Old 23 November 2010, 00:42   #5
Zone Friend

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Amiga 500 or 1200 with memory card slot instead of floppy drive (it may also be Atari ST)
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Old 23 November 2010, 02:38   #6
Amiga Member
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Not unlike the X1000 of DDNI I was thinking, that one is already in the pocket, I'd like to buy the very first cpu upgrade module for the X1000 and perhaps max out the memory

I'd pay 1500 euro or there abouts for this...
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Old 23 November 2010, 03:43   #7
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What do I want?
Currently it's mostly what I sold when I sold my system.. ;-)

Shadow of the Beast in box with T-shirt.
(I actually still have my t-shirt, but I wore it a lot, and it shows.. ;-)
Several of the AD&D games...
those type of things..
But, the "how much will you pay" part is tricky, because I'm a cheap b*stard. ;-)

As for hardware, I need floppy eject buttons for my A1200 and A1000 (why do people break/lose those??)...
Trying to figure out what Hard Disk solution for my A1000 would be best....
And an original A1000 right angle mouse.

If my wife got the hints, I'll have an ACA1230/28 under the tree for the A1200...

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Old 23 November 2010, 06:33   #8
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Index information Access.. AA3000/A3000+..
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Old 23 November 2010, 08:08   #9
Stuck in the 80s

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Original Lorraine prototype with breadboards
Commodore PET jet
The Floppy disk drive that ended up embedded in a wall at Commodore
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Old 25 November 2010, 14:14   #10
Professional slacker!
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Oops wrong thread!!!

Last edited by fitzsteve; 25 November 2010 at 15:23.
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Old 25 November 2010, 15:17   #11
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I'm starting to sniff around for Premier Manager 2 (would take 1 and 3) but 2 was my favourite for my incoming A1200 I never owned the original, but it is very addictive.
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Old 25 November 2010, 22:17   #12
The 1 who ribbits
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A fast and easy sata controller for a500, a600, a1200 and a4000

2010 version of amithlon, if it had been worked on for the past 10 years

A USB card as fed up of taking cf card out every time i want to copy/set up a new system
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Old 03 November 2015, 17:36   #13
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A 1084 monitor to adapt to my Atari 130XE.

And of course an X5000.
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Old 03 November 2015, 21:24   #14
Puttymoon inhabitant
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I have been looking for Populous / Simcity compilation in blue box for a long time. I believe it is s french release, but I have never encountered one over ebay for all those years.

I know it does exist as its box is scanned in HOL, but I already lost all my hope to find it.
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Old 03 November 2015, 21:29   #15
Guru Meditating

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I want an IDEFix-Express
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Old 03 November 2015, 22:43   #16
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A complete collection of Amiga Power magazines, ideally including all coverdisks. I've got issues 18-52 and a few others (including issue one) and some disks. And a boxed original of the first Lotus game - a loose disk of it came with my second-hand A500 and it was a big favourite right from the earliest casted days.

Last edited by DisposableHero; 08 November 2015 at 02:13.
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Old 03 November 2015, 23:23   #17
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A new accelerator board for my A1200's and A2000 that is FPGA 68k based and as fast as possible. And/or a new RTG card for the A2000 and/or the A1200, even better would be both combined in-to one.
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Old 03 November 2015, 23:51   #18
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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
What do you wish you hadn't got rid of?
I most regret selling-

An AmigaOne XE housed in a Commodore Gaming case, that system was lot fun.

A Deneb card which was supposed be temporary measure, but a week later it went out of production.

My spare Video A4000T video module because now I need one.

My GVP-M 060 T-REX, an awesome card which fetched something daft like £100 on eBay about 8 years ago.

I most of all regret selling my CyberstormPPC card on eBay to some guy in Greece, because he used it as a donor card and sent me back a doorstop.

I would most like to own.

SX32 Pro
Tabor or AmigaOne. maybe
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