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I got most of my Amiga games from the husband of a cousin who was living in Switzerland back then. they visited us every couple of months and he always brought a lot of games.

Most of the times he visited on Sundays so I spent the entire afternoon and evening trying out new games.

But my most memorable experience was the next day. I would always set my alarm clock to about 4 o'clock so that I could continue playing these new games for a couple of hours before I had to go to school - and how slow time progressed during school until I could get home to play more games (gracefully skipping homework).

Good times.

(And before you ask: Yes, I was a little pirate back then - the truth is, I didn't even know you were supposed to BUY games in a STORE.)
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I know I've said it a million times and I'm boring you, but... for me it was obviously going to Dartford, UK in 2001, visiting ANCO and meeting with Steve Screech and the late Anil Gupta for the first time, and subsequently winning the 2001 Kick Off 2 world cup. Best Amiga weekend of my life
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Stuck in the 80s

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1) Getting my Screengems A500 Christmas 1990.
2) Buying Amiga Format issue 18 from Asda (I still have the same copy).
3) Going to local computer shop with my mum or dad each birthday/christmas to buy games and hardware.
4) Friends coming round on a Friday to play Amiga, sigh.

Those A500/1200 I had owe me a lot of time from 1990 upto 1999!
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#1 most memorable experience...

It wasn't seeing/using an Amiga for the first time...
It was after I used my first tax refund to buy my first Amiga, a 500...
As I opened the box, I just sat down in shock, admiring the computer... I was almost shaking while unpacking it... I was like, "OMG! I Finally got one!!!!"
I will never forget that moment, ever...
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Originally Posted by marcfrick2112 View Post
...my first Amiga, a 500...
As I opened the box, I just sat down in shock, admiring the computer... I was almost shaking while unpacking it... I was like, "OMG! I Finally got one!!!!"
I will never forget that moment, ever...
The Amiga 500 is awesome!

I had a similar experience when I got my first A500 - a very good secondhand one - and by then I already had two A1200s!
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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
All those social xcopy sessions, discussing games, filling gaps in the disk box, and eating snacks. Still, I think the C64 was more fun in that aspect, and the floppies smelled better, opening a new SKC pack...ahh...
Same here ..what a great time :-)
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The one that sticks out the most for me was when I booted up Faery Tale Adventure for the first time after having just bought the 500 during high school. Coming from the C64, which I loved to death, I was so awed and intimidated by the stunning graphics and sound that I almost felt I didn't deserve this machine, that I was somehow "stealing" someone else's prized possession. It was too amazing to even play. I think it took me only a day to get over that feeling.

I'll never forget that initial reaction. Hasn't happened since with any other gaming system.
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Trip down memory Lane.....

Crist....... unnn let me think.

Well, considering my only psyically Amiga was the Amiga 500+ 1MB expansion, its a pretty easy choice. And the Commodore 64 days with the 1541 Floppy drive, and Dataset, or all that BASIC programming, and late night, hunting DATA codes to get that darm submerene game to work

I think my best moment was probably have to be when my Amiga buddy at school (in my class) came over and I bought the enternal A570 CD Rom drive.

...And Datel's Action Replay III cartridge ....

Happy moments.
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Great thread guys I think I speak for everyone by saying we never get sick of talking about "the good ol days"

My standout experience, like others, was the very first time I saw/used an Amiga. I was a c64 user too and I had a friend that had one and used to come over and play games with my friends and I on the c64 sometimes (fun MULE sessions lulz) and he said "you gotta come over and see my commodore amiga" I said whats that? Ok I will.

I cam over he showed me Elite and Shadow of the Beast and my jaw hit the floor! To this day the most memorable most impactful gaming moment for me in my life was playing Beast1 and seeing the gfx and cool sounds! I HAD to get one, I convinced my dad I needed an upgrade "for school" (Which I did use my c64 in JR high for reports when all my friends still used typwriters (some manual ones!) . So went to the amiga dealer 35 miles away and ordered the "Educator Discount" A500 package (commodore in usa was doing some promo if you were in high school or college) I then got my first amiga - an A500 with 1.3 rom, 1mb of Ram!, A 1084s monitor, and external floppy. I was in heaven.

I used to drive once a week to that amiga dealer (all they had was amiga stuff) 35 miles one way just to oogle the amiga stuff. If i was lucky I could walk away with a game. I remeber they had an A4000 on display when they came out when I was in highschool and I told my Dad that the computer cost more than my car! (like thousands)

Another fond memory was the first time I saw an A2000. My buddy had on in high school and I used to go over and mess with 3d programs and dpaint and play Dragon's Lair!

(btw do you guys think I can run a c64 emu running MULE on my 030 a1200)
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Mine was trying to complete Fire & Ice with my older brother! I even have a picture with me playing it on my good old A600HD (yes HD, don't mess with 40Mb HDD lol!) ... ah the good old days.

Other memories include Rome AD 92, Myth, Golden Axe, Chaos Engine (awesome!) ...
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Getting my Amiga 600 wild weird pack for christmas as a child and playing Putty, Pushover and f1 all day.

Using Say(workbench) for the first time and typing rude words

Winning my first match of Settlers

Getting promted on Premier manager 3

So many more...
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For me it was there were a few.

When my friend picked up Nevermind. there was a computer shop downtown from our highschool about 3 or 4 blocks away. We were always in there, and they would let us play some of the games we just bought on the display 2000. When we picked up nevermind over the lunch hour. we played it all afternoon and almost missed our bus home.

then there were the times we would connect my buddy's 500 and my 2000 together through a null modem and play armourgeddon. we actually completed the game in a few hours and when we dropped the bomb on the enemy, witching to the camera view on the bomb, it landed litterally in the front door of the enemy base.
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I just remembered something I think I must've suppressed out of embarassment... Looking back I think it's funny enough to share although obviously not my most memorable. I can't remember if i've already shared this with you guys, but here goes anyway.

Way back when I was in my early teens a friend and I had agreed on a temporary game swap so we both had something new to play for the weekend. We didn't live near eachother so we agreed to swap at school, right before registration in the busy hallways...

him "Have you got Worms?"
me "Yeah, have you got Skidmarks?"
him "Yeah".
me "cool, can I see?"
him "sure"

needless to say the halls were roaring with laughter... and us two very red faced kids had to take a bit of a verbal teasing for a week or so afterwards
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I was writing software for the Radio Shack (Tandy) color Computer and was out in California working on, I think, Robot Odyssey or Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, and one of the guys who worked with me on Coco stuff took me over to Electronic Arts...I had never heard of them before. There, I saw this computer that consisted of huge circuit boards with lots of wirewrap all over the place connected together by giant ribbon cables.
I would learn later that this was a prototype of the Amiga1000 and the "boards" were the custom chips, Paula, Agnes and Denise. I remember the guy at Electronic Arts who was working on software for this prototype Amiga showing me how when he clicked a certain button the mouse pointer turned into a set of "paws". He thought it was the greatest thing ever "paws! get it?" When you clicked PAUSE it would show this icon.
This was around late 1983 or early 1984 I think. In late 1985 I went to an Amiga dealer that was about 29 miles away from my home and saw my first actual Amiga 1000. I sat down and played with it, brought up Deluxe Music, then for fun started Deluxe Paint at the same time! The music continued to play in the background, then I learned how to "pull down" the workbench to see Deluxe Music running in the background. That was it. I bought an Amiga 1000 a month or two later.
I've owned an Amiga ever since. Currently have an Amiga One and still loving it!
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like bruce springsteen song glory days ,this should have been written for amigas
in my memorys i remember trading games with friends i had a friend that was crazy about james pond,i loved zool ,monkey island 2 ,syndicate ,f-117 i loved my amiga 500 plus ,was also impressed with a friend that bought amiga 600 ,never saw here the a1200 ,the a600 was a beautifull little bug ,but also loved my a500 that was plus with relokick 1.3 ,funny is that i gave to my nephiew that disapeared with the a500 +the 1084 monitor and 2 full disks boxes of 100 floppys ,i was crazy about that,happly i bought all my collection and for the last one in my collection i am restoring a a500+ that i can say the elvis came again to the building
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Mine was Rome AD92. It came free with the A600HD and I was obsessed with it! I could play it through repeatedly and blindfolded after a few months. I loved the way the world ticked and how you could explore. Watching people live their lives and getting involved with all the politics eventually becoming emperor, brilliant stuff.

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The quantity of flashbacks I'm having now, you'd think I'd had a few pints of LSD.

Getting my A500 Batman Pack. My class were supposed to be going on a school tour to London, and my mum and dad thought it was a waste of money to send me. Stayed home, got the hump, sulked in my room non stop, and swore I'd never forgive my dad. I'd been saving up all year for an Amiga after seeing my friend's one, and my dad decided to make it up to me by taking me into town, putting my savings (just over £100) as a down payment, and getting me my A500 on HP. Turned out that it changed my life, since I got addicted to DPaint, started doing logos for our wee scene group, and almost 23 years on, I do that for a living now, as a creative director.

When I first got the Amiga, I was at the mercy of my friend and his brother, who charged me an absolute arm and a leg for games. Back then, disks were £2 each (!!) and any time I wanted to get something that came that he had, he charged me 6 blanks for the first disk, and then two blanks per extra disk if it had more than one. (So yep, Monkey Island was 16 disks total - four to get the game copied onto, and twelve more as "payment", so would have cost more than buying it new!) After a while I made some contacts, started trading via the post, and it was a VERY satisfying day when said friend and brother were coming to me for games, and I could tell them what to do with themselves.

It's not one memory in particular, but swapping was amazing back then. These days we have an "I want it now" mentality to everything, if there's something we want, it's as simple as jumping online and downloading it. Not back then. I'd almost be shaking with excitement by the time the postman came down the front path, and feel the utter despair when there was nothing, or the utter thrill when I heard the satisfying "thump" of a jiffy bag full of floppies hitting the floor. Leg it to my room, and rip the envelope open, to see what goodies were in there, along with a letter (remember those?!?!) from friends I'd made all over Europe.

These days, when I think back to the Amiga, I'm amazed at what I had, and what I have now. I remember snagging the 512kb expansion and an external floppy, and thinking I had a "state of the art" setup. I type this on a hackintosh with a 4.5ghz quad core i7, just a little bit faster than the 7mhz 68000. This thing's got 24gb of memory, over 24 THOUSAND times the memory of that upgraded Amiga. Don't even get me started on my hard disk space, which is the equivalent of something like 3 MILLION floppies.

And yes, I do indeed remember when all this was just fields!
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Originally Posted by ubermick View Post
...These days we have an "I want it now" mentality to everything, if there's something we want, it's as simple as jumping online and downloading it. Not back then. I'd almost be shaking with excitement by the time the postman came down the front path, and feel the utter despair when there was nothing, or the utter thrill when I heard the satisfying "thump" of a jiffy bag full of floppies hitting the floor...
That's so true. The wait was absolute agony back then. And it was euphoric when the game finally came in the mail. When I was in college, I remember waiting almost three weeks for Time Bandit. The horror!

One of my best Amiga memories was when Maniac Mansion finally arrived. I knew I was going to like it based on the glowing reviews, but when I loaded it up I still couldn't believe how great it was. And I was pissed because I only had an hour to play it. I had an after-school job to get to. Now that was agony!
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I got an Amiga 500 (after having a C64 for a couple of years I think) a couple of weeks before my christening. Complete with a 1084S monitor, which was meant to be payed for with money I got for my christening. The A500 cost around 5000nok at the time (as much as two PS3's nowadays which usually costs around 2500nok here). The monitor cost 3000nok. The day I got the Amiga is etched into my memorybanks, and I remember it like it was yesterday. Ever since that day I've been an Amiga fan(atic), and I know today that I will never not own an Amiga again.

What followed next was very quickly buying a pack of disks to copy some games from a friend of mine. I remembered him asking if I had extra memory for my A500, which I didn't, and I had to pick games that didn't require more than 512k of ram. I think Alien Breed, Lotus II and Leisure Suit Larry were among the first games I copied. Maybe Secret of Monkey Island as well. I also remember looking a lot forward to buying the extra ram for the money I get for my christening, and one of the games I was most looking forward to get a copy of was Elvira, which had severely impressed me.

A couple of years later, the A1200 had just come out, and I had watched a video presentation of it with my fellow previously-mentioned Amigan friend, and some time later he had bought one himself. I tried to convince my father to allow me to take my savings and spend it on an A1200. One day when I got home from school, the A1200 just sat there and my A500 was "gone", as if nothing had happened. Tears of joy!

Kick Off 2, playing with my brother, making a Golden Goals disk with my best goals, getting really skilled at dribbling and scoring brilliant goals.

Sensible Soccer, which I was sceptical of at first, brushing it off as never becoming as popular as KO2, then getting completely hooked and never looking back. And unfortunately, losing my skills at KO2 completely due to neglection. Getting my first ever win against Brazin in Sensi was pretty damn satisfying too, yelling yes! while running up the stairs. Dad trying to devalue my accomplishment by denying there's actually no difference between the teams in the game. He didn't know better back then.
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As kids playing with my cousin 2 players games: Mercs, Dyna Blaster, Dynamite Dux, Midnight Resistance. That was awesome experience, different than MAME with Kaillera.
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