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Slam Tilt
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Maybe I should rename this thread to: Best Amiga pinball game that Digital Illusions *didn't* make (besides Slam Tilt)

Slam Tilt is still published by "21st Century" i.e. the same as with:

a) Pinball Dreams
b) Pinball Fantasies
c) Pinball Illusions

I haven't done much investigation but surely people from the above were involved with Slam Tilt; it's just way too similar?
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Different people though.
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Obsession for me. Especially the desert rallye table.
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I totally missed Slam Tilt, being released in 1996 I had left the Amiga a year before.

Perhaps many others also missed it given a later release in the Amiga's life. However I will definitely be checking it out now thanks to this thread!
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Slamtilt is the obvious choice, and certainly on par or better than the Digital Illusion games. But Dreams/Fantasies/Illusions will always have a special place in my heart because of the memories. Dreams - I remember skipping class unintentionally with a friend of mine who lived very close to school. We were just going to play a little during recess (though we weren't supposed to leave the school area either), but we forgot the time very quickly.

Fantasies - for some reason, my KS1.3 A500 just wouldn't play this. Sure, it was a cracked version, but every other game worked (cracked or original), and all my friends' Amigas could run it. Eventually when I got my A1200, I got the AGA version and that worked fine.

Illusions - one of a very few original Amiga games I could afford, and only because by then I didn't live with my parents anymore, and I had my own (very low) income. Still have this, and will cherish it forever. Only disappointed it didn't have four tables like the others, but all three tables were great fun. It's a shame the Vikings table didn't make it to the Amiga version.

Then Pinball Mania came out... Commodore really picked the wrong developers/games to bundle with the A1200. Worse looking than Pinball Dreams (which looks great, and is a non-AGA game) and horrible horrible physics.

But yes, Slamtilt it by far the best non-Digital Illusions pinball game and well deserving a place in the fab four of Amiga pinball games.
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Yup, Slam Tilt was created by a different team, nothing to do with DI, but yes, as D said, the publisher was the same.
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Originally Posted by vulture View Post
Yup, Slam Tilt was created by a different team, nothing to do with DI, but yes, as D said, the publisher was the same.
Seems like this can be confirmed 100%.

I asked on MobyGames about a potential connection between Liquid Dezign (developer of Slam Tilt) and Digital Illusions, notably because the game description there, at the time, suggested such a connection.
One of the members there (Rwolf) contacted Klaus Lyngeled and got an answer:


I got a prompt email answer from Klaus Lyngeled, once CEO and one of the owners of Liquid Dezign HB; and he dismissed the Digital Illusions connection
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I thought Pinball Prelude was ok, especially the Past table.
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I like Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Pinball and Power Pinball. :-)
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Obsession. It also came out for the Atari ST.
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