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I just contributed to AKReal9, fantastic work again, congrat's.

Where are the covers for games to download?
I don't mind the size...
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Originally Posted by seb132 View Post
I just contributed to AKReal9, fantastic work again, congrat's.

Where are the covers for games to download?
I don't mind the size...
Many Thanks for using it. About the covers, check the EAB Fileserver, Uploads folder, user=StatMat (many thanks to this hero) and read this:

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I want to tell about how to configure your games launchers once you install AKReal 9 for the very first time and also to show what can you get after that.

1.- Add your Kickstarts files (copyrighted) to AmiKit: Devs/Kickstarts
-Add your Games, Demos and Covers to some partition of your HD.

2.- For AGS2:
- Make a right click on screen, select User Menu, Ed User-Startup and then you have to edit the last lines of it to match to your Games and Demos paths. Then just reboot.
- Open AmiKit:Games/AGS2. Click on "Configure Menus". Select AGS2 Games and then "Show Existing". It will take several minutes to update your games collection. Make the same with your Demos.

3.- For iGame
Open iGame. Make a right click on the top of the window and select "Settings", then "Games repositories". Click on the folder image and then select the drawer where your games are, then click on "Add", then on Close.
Then click again on the top of the window and select "Actions", then "Scan Repositories". It will take several minutes to update them.

4.- For TinyLauncher:
Click on "SysConfig", pres 1 to set your Games path, 4 for your Demos one, 6 for the Covers one. Later press F1 to update your Games or F2 to update your existing Demos. Then when you see the titles of your games press C to show the covers. Remember that the music path is already settled with the AKReal 9 update.

Of course all of these configurations of these games launchers have been recreated by myself taking ideas&help from here and there, so you won't find them anywhere else (iGame, AGS2 or ABS configs).

Result: [ Show youtube player ]

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finally got around to installing AkReal on my 1200 desktop with 030@50 and all seemed to be going great except a sudden stop when extracting 'FILE Libs:/Warp3D.library-save' ? hard drive light always on with zero movement...no crash as I can still move the mouse around and windows but otherwise system is frozen ??

rebooted and ran DiskSalv on boot partition and no errors were found...tried installing AmiKit again and exact same issue occurred
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I would suggest that you install your HD on WinUAE and run it later in your Amiga.

However I recommend using PFS3AIO instead.

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Hi Everyone!

I test install AKReal 9 in my Amiga 4000d (Cyberstorm 060 and Cybervision 64).
But the CD dosn't work

Appears a icon CD:NDOS in the workbench screen and i am unable to read any CD.

This is my CD script in the Dosdrivers folder:

/* CacheCDFS mountlist entry ? 2000 Amiga Inc. */
FileSystem = L:CacheCDFS /* The name of the game */
Device = "scsi.device" /* Name of exec device driver */
Unit = 0 /* exec device unit */
Flags = 0 /* OpenDevice flags */
BlocksPerTrack = 351000 /* Unused */
BlockSize = 2048 /* True, but unused */
Mask = 0x7ffffffe /* Memory mask for direct read */
MaxTransfer = 0x1000000 /* Maximum amount of bytes for direct read */
Reserved = 0 /* Unused */
Interleave = 0 /* Unused */
LowCyl = 0 /* Unused */
HighCyl = 0 /* Unused */
Surfaces = 1 /* Unused */
Buffers = 50 /* Number of cache lines */
BufMemType = 1 /* MEMF_PUBLIC */
BootPri = 2 /* Boot priority for MountCD */
GlobVec = -1 /* Do not change! */
Mount = 1 /* Mount it immediately */
Priority = 10 /* Priority of FileSystem task */
DosType = 0x43443031 /* Currently unused */
StackSize = 3000 /* Minimum stack required is 3000! */
Control = "MD=0 LC=1 DC=8 L LV AL LFC=1 S NC AUDIO=Utilities/PlayCD"
/* The Control field is for special adjustments */
/* L/S convert all file/volume names to lowercase */
/* LV/S convert volume names to lowercase */
/* AL/S Auto-Lower converts only non-Amiga CDs */
/* LFC/N start converting at this character */
/* LC/N/A number of blocks per cache line */
/* DC/N/A number of cache lines for the data cache */
/* MD/N/A number of blocks, when starting direct read, not using */
/* the cache. 0 will be a reasonable default (LC*DC+1) */
/* S/S Do SCSI direct commands, no Trackdisk like commands! */
/* NC/S Do NOT use TD_ADDCHANGEINT, poll for DiskChange! */
/* M/S Issue a TD_MOTOR (OFF) command after read */

What's wrong??

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You used your correct FileSystem and your Device

FileSystem= ?
Unit= ?
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I installed OS3.9 with WinUAE (from a backup instalation i have) and then AKReal 9 in the A4000.
When finished i edit Dosdrivers/CD and change uaescsi.device for SCSI.device

It's OK?

In L exists the CacheCDFS file, so i think the filesystem os OK.

How i could to know the correct filesystem, device and unit?

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