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[Found: The Pioneer Plague] Top-Down/Sort of aircraft/Over city/Fighting foes

Hello guys,

this keeps bugging me for ages..... I can't remember following game:

- Top-Down/Isometric (from above)
- Location: Over a city?
- I was flying and drifting in turns
- I had to shoot other space craft
- One enemy spacecraft was boxing me in a laser-red rectangel which kept getting smaller
- I was shooting "small lines" like - - - - -

MS Paint sketch

The cities houses were not that extreme isometric like I painted... but definitely top down and like it was sunset.

Please help to get my brain to relax! I can't find any screenshot of this game nor can I find any information. I tried various search-terms without any luck.

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The Pioneer Plague?
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YES!!!!!!!!!! Watching a Youtube clip now oh my god! Thank you so much Cody! Like in my other thread.. it's strange to hear the music and the sound again after so many years... in which the world was shaped different.. we all were young =(
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Adrian; the master again

I feel that my Amiga game knowledge is *quite* good but I was totally stumped; even with more description than most usual posts

...that's why he is Mr HOL and Amiga Games that weren't. amongst other things which I can't say publically.

Thread title updated
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Haha good games are getting more attention, exponentially! The not that known games are hidden behind good games so its more hard to find them.

What amazes me is that this old memory.. or what I have pictured in the paint... still survived to this date. I have a third thread open, though the hardest of all (where you replied ) and I still have that faint picture which I forcefully try to make better in my head... its just one still-image which my brain shoot almost 30 years ago. Respect to you guys!

It bugged me horribly... you cant imagine what kind of relief I feel!

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