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Question Printing in WinUae

Can anyone give me a clue as to how it is possible to print out Sections of an LSD Disk to my printer from within UAE, I have tried printing to LPT1 but this seems to do nothing.

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Hm, the parallel port support in WinUAE is still buggy could you perhaps tell us a little more ?? WinUAE Version u use and so on ?
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Old 14 September 2001, 16:04   #3
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Unhappy printing

I'm using the latest release 8. 16 r4, as you say the parallel port settings are buggy. When i click print icon in the software, it says it is printing but nothing is happening and no file seems to be created either.
Hope this helps

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I wrecked my BJ Printer trying to get WinUAE to print, it refuses to do anything now..
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Old 14 September 2001, 19:59   #5
Toni Wilen
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wrecked my BJ Printer trying to get WinUAE to print, it refuses to do anything now..
Hmm.. I don't believe WinUAE is the culprit because WinUAE uses normal WIN32 APIs to print.
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Old 15 September 2001, 11:45   #6
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Ha, I wanted to do exactly the same some time ago:
Printing some instructions for a game from within UAE.

Somebody then gave me the hint that it is possible to redirect the output to a file instead of LPT port, but I cannot remember how it was done exactly.

Another possibility ( if not very comfotably ), would be to decrunch the textfile with Powerpacker from withing UAE and then save thew decrunched file to an emulated HD, from where you can print it with the PC printer then.
Just an idea, don't know if it works or not.... ??
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Old 15 September 2001, 11:51   #7
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Yep. The decrunch version works, but it takes too long and requires knowledge of Workbench

It would be nice if there was better printer capabilities in WinUAE (although I've never tried to print in WinUAE so I have no idea how good/bad they really are)
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Thumbs up solved it

The easiest way to print from an LSD disk is:
Set your printer in windows to print to file,
Set parallel port in WinUAE 8.17 to the same printer driver,
Start emulation in ecs1.3 config, when you have loaded LSD disk and selected document to print,
Press print file or shift/p together, the screen will go blank, you will be prompted for an output file name, after printing do a search for filename used, then right click mouse whilst holding shift, open with notepad or wordpad.
It looks a lot, but if I can do it anyone can. I am using Windows 98 SE if anyone is interested, I can't test this on anyother OS I'm afraid.
I hope someone apart from me finds this useful.

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