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Autism Appreciation Thread

No doubt there's quite a few autistic people in the Amiga community. Please use this thread as a place to be autistic and proud!

I'll start off with myself. I always knew I was different. After seeing many "professionals" with no result, I decided to do my own research and came to the conclusion that I was on the autistic spectrum. I then booked appointments with a psychiatrist and psychologist which both very much agreed.

I know this is very off topic but I also feel like this is the sort of place where these things can be discussed. I also help that discussing these issues may help some people, including myself.

Never forget that it's a blessing in disguise.

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Autism is a wide condition isnt it? Its not like dyslexia where you know your condition is you cant read. I mean how do you define it? What of your traits makes you autistic?
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For example im not very good socially. That is autism characteristic, but its also its own condition
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To be honest, i don't like the idea to put myself into a category

I'm too much complex (in a wonderful way) to do an operation like that

And this is true for all of us
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