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Testing memory - software? Unrecognised M1230XA.

I have a Microbotics M1230XA. It appears to be in mint condition, but I replaced all the electrolytics anyway. I bought a 50MHz 68030/68882 and configured jumpers correctly according to their manual. I bought a 128M SIMM and added that. Very clean socket, SIMM edge contacts etc.

Microbotics tools like SetXA/AutoXA just do not work - they can't see that there is a Microbotics card installed in the system at all. Not sure what the issue is there. I cannot find any more information on how to troubleshoot this and since this was an early card I am just assuming that something in the later Workbench 3.1.4 (Hyperion) is the problem.

MMULib from Aminet sees the card, configures the 68030/8882 correctly, and 64M of RAM appears in Workbench. Speed is as expected in SysInfo etc.

In order to relax and believe that there is 64M of real, usable memory there, what software would you use to test it? If that's real usable memory I'll just live with it, there should be nothing I can't run in 64M. It's just that an incorrectly reported total makes me think something may be wrong and that memory isn't actually usable.
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There is a RAM test program specifically for this card which can also be used for other RAM cards.

You can get a .dms image for it here:

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Is this a newly made 128MB SIMM? There are some newly-made SIMMs available on eBay and advertised for Amiga use that use 3.3V RAM chips, which means they may or may not work well with the 5V-only Amiga setup. I've seen several of these SIMMs that behave strangely, are missing half their RAM, or simply don't work at all, most likely because they're being driven outside their specification.

As for test software, as well as the specific test disk above, there's Keirf's Amiga Test Kit, which can test all normally configured RAM from a self-booting floppy or executable.
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Thanks - I will look for Keirf test kit. And thanks for the SIMM tip, it was specified as 5V SIMM manufactured 2011, chips are KM44C16100AK-6 which I think are 5V too.

(I am not sure about the test made specifically for the card - if the utilities specifically made for the card can't detect it at all...)

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