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Meh... I'm not convinced theres a big difference between DD and HD disks. When DD disks were cheaper, I used to buy those and drill holes in them to save money
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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Meh... I'm not convinced theres a big difference between DD and HD disks. When DD disks were cheaper, I used to buy those and drill holes in them to save money
I think it's safe to assume that manufacturers started making HD disks only at some point, selling some of them as DD.
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A lot depends on the quality of the disks.
I have a few HD disks with games on them that was written with my A1200 back around 94/95/96 and they still read fine even now.
They are a mix of 3M, Maxell, Sony and I think Verbatim, all considered top quality disks at the time.
I still use floppy disks on my Amiga's and on occasion with my Windows 98 and BeOS machines. I have some new generic no-name disks that are crap and don't hold their data for long at all, the branded disks usually have no problems on any machine!
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Trust me, there's a real difference between HD and DD floppies. It's NOT just a hole in the disk case! They had to use a new magnetic medium for HD floppies to store the data reliably, and it has to be written to in a different way to be reliable. Yes it's still ultimately an analog magnetic flux, but the medium is designed to operate at entirely different levels.

It's like trying to write in chalk on a whiteboard designed for dry erase markers instead of a chalkboard. Yes it works, because ultimately chalkboards and whiteboards work the same way (depositing a substance on a surface) but not reliably, because the materials are different.

If you've used analog cassettes before, you can use a Type IV Metal cassette in a Type I Ferric cassette recorder, but the bias is all wrong and the end result sounds weird.
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