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You ever search Google.....

......for Amiga advice and come across your own post? How old was it?
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Amiga Demoscene Archive !
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If i search for "amiga demoscene archive" my own thread on ADA comes out
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Yes, many times, mostly when I search for information about unreleased games.
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Yes, I like to tinker a lot with technical stuff and have repeatedly found my own forum threads on similar subjects. Sometimes, I even forgot I made those threads/posts
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All the time lol, I been setting up an Amiga with a Mediator PCI again and my old threads and videos came up when looking for the correct settings
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It is natural to "forget". You do not forget as long as there is some kind of "interest" in it.
When you loose the interest, the active memory becomes passive, and you "seem" to forget.
Sometime the passive memory becomes so distant, that you say : "It is hard to get it back" and so you have to search it somewhere else.

That's why the sites and forums like this are very important.

What would be nice, if we had a collection of tips and tricks in one thread, so that everyone new can find the information easily.

For example, did you knew that "Amiga Basic" won't load programs, if the FastMemFirst or nofastmem command is executed (e.g. in the startup-sequence) ?
To bugtrack such cases is really difficult, because who would know that it is up to the memory placement ?

So it would be nice, if we had a thread with such information (with cases, confirmed by others).
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I was searching for something and I found some reviews I'd written back in 1994 on comp.sys.amiga.

The most surprising thing I found was someone recommending and linking to a tool on Aminet that I'd forgotten I'd even written!

I've just Googled my name and Amiga and found some magazine reviews of my software and even my original A1200 for sale article on comp.sys.amiga.marketplace from 1996.
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Old 28 January 2020, 06:09   #8
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Sometimes I find an old post from myself and don't realize it's mine because I don't remember writing it, and I'll say to myself "Hey, this is great reading! I totally like this guy's style!"...

...then I'll look again and realize it's just an old post of mine from 20+ years ago. D=
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Old 28 January 2020, 06:14   #9

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Yes this has happened to me as well.
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Old 31 January 2020, 11:02   #10
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I've had old threads resurrected on here and then gone to say something only to realise i already posted in that thread many years before.
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Yep, I regularly find myself answering my own questions from the past Usually when I've had some details to hand or was working on a project at the time, and the knowledge has since become hazy through lack of use. I've found mailing list posts from the late '90s, as well as IRC logs from around the same time that I've been in. And, I have a very old upload that's been on Aminet since 2001...
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A lot of time I stuble upon my blog: https://koney-scanlines.tumblr.com/
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Time to time I am searching for my own posts, where I forgot the forum I published them in, but remember fragments of my post
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