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I tried the Special Edition because it had the original version included. But I was not really happy with both of them.
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Black Crypt is also a game originated on Amiga and even uses EHB mode (64 colors) and has perfectly smooth animations.
Not even sure if this game was ever ported to other platforms.
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Never heard about EHB mode. What's that? Is this on OCS or extended?
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Originally Posted by sparhawk View Post
Some days ago I was browsing through games and had somehow the impression that there are many games which are just poor ports from somewhere else, and don't even do justice to the power that the Amiga represented.

Maybe I just took the wrong games, but I wonder which or how many games exist which were actually either ported in such a way to take advantage of the Amiga hardware, or were even really designed around it without cutdown because of some other machines disadvantages in mind.
Jim Power, Brian the Lion, Unreal and Lionheart, to name just a few, spring to mind.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Fightin' Spirit is way better as a SF2 / Neo-Geo fighter clone; followed by Shadow Fighter and then Shaq Fu.
Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Let's face it, none of the fighting games on the Amiga are actually worth playing.
None?? I disagree. If you have any real love for fighting games and have played the Neo-Geo/arcade inspired ones, then you you'll know that Fightin' Spirit kicks arse on the humble 1MB A500. Same goes for Mortal Kombat 2 and a few others on the Ami like IK+ and, indeed, Shadow Fighter. Could the Amiga have done with more quality fighting games like the consoles of the era? Absolutely and the same goes for sports simulations IMHO.

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Hunter is another seminal, groundbreaking title, with Amiga version being superior to the ST one. I'd also like to say Midwinter - one of my all-time favourites - but it came year later after the PC & ST release and I'm not sure how it compares. I suppose fx is better than on the other platforms, perhaps performance too.
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Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
What genres do you have in mind?
RPGs, round-based, tower defense, strategy, flight sims.

Lemmings and Worms started franchises, not genres. But there's not much else like them. This is also true for some games that also started on Amiga. There are some very original games from french studios and creators, for example.

In general, there's a contradiction between asking for "Amiga originals that are something I'd have enjoyed already but it can't be a port", because most computers got most of the famous same-all-over-again arcade action titles. It's only about the rewrite part and then it's up to talent and determination (and finding a publisher).

We could have done without the many ST ports when Amiga 500 gained momentum. But a lot of people had fun with some of them, too. I'm not entirely sure the same amount of technical showcase games like Shadow of The Beasts or Mega Typhoon etc. would have made gamers swoon, cos it's also about fun.

Now we know the capabilities and expected every studio to deliver top quality coded arcade games to take advantage, but Bubble Bobble, some Bitmap Bros games, etc play just fine, even though "needlessly underperformant" (which I think is the expression we seem to enjoy getting upset about sometimes).

My main message is that some studios really did deliver many fun games with original ideas, and we seem to sometimes completely not see them! It may be worth to ask oneself the question why one wants a narrow subset of game ideas - if from introspection that is the case.
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