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+1 to DamienD.

Toni does amazing work simply for donations. If we want to ask him to do something that probably really sucks to have to do, we should at least come with some form of payment.
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Toni Wilen
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Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
However, Cybervision 64/3D should be supported because it is one of the best Amiga RTG Boards.
No, it isn't.

Picasso IV is better (EDIT: Better as in not having 100% totally useless 3D to enable simple emulation) and CyberVision/BlizzardVision PPC are much better (Unfortunately uses SVGA chip that no one emulates).

The whole point of RTG emulation is: Current Cirrus Logic emulation was chosen only because it worked and it existed and it enabled few emulated RTG boards. There is no need for other RTG boards, other boards are a bonus that will happen someday.

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Some years ago I had an A4040+CV64-3D
Then i wrote Wazp3D and with lots of efforts I obtained
a better compatibility than with the CV64/3D : Lots of softwares that never runned correctly on the 4040 with his poor 3d card can run with Wazp3D/WinUAE
so I sold my 4040....

So what cv64/3d progs are you missing? in fact there are no progs that hit directly the cv64/3d they all use warp3d ( or minigl or stormesa that use warp3d)

Alain Thellier - Wazp3D
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only Heretic 2 use directly Virge and a couple of apps (but maybe i think there are other games that use virge)
Wazp3D can (or in the future could be) sobstitue completely Warp3D/minigl request?

so use Wazp3D for GL games, GL Demos, GL Apps?
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I dont have heretic but I am almost sûre that it dont use DIRECTLY the virge but use warp3d or minigl

Yes waZp3d allow to play 3d games on winuae/os3
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WinUAE OS3 Demo 3D

[ Show youtube player ]

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The only game I had that used Virge before Warp3D was Descent. Pretty bad with warping textures.
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Its about time the Warp3d 68k soft renderer got released. Amithlon isn't a commercial threat any more to anything amiga and it would be useful even if only for emulation use. Of course the game/app would need to support software rendering, but it would be a start in the absence of any hardware rendering.
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It would be nice to speed uaegx on os4.1, as at present other cards can not be supported except with a lot of work and time and maybe even with a support, amiga 3x is great in its limits for the time being.

There is no way to speed uaegfx with a 30% would be a good start for me, for daily use. SMTube Movie Browser, etc., maybe this would also lead to more development of sotware for everyday use. For 3d games you may still be waiting patiently,
But this is just my opinion.
I read that it could be done in later versions of winuae, it would be nice to try beta with uaegfx faster.

Thanks, however, I take the time to make an emulation closer to reality.
But would uaegfx speed increase?

I apologize to everyone for the double post I was wrong to edit

Thank you
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