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do you remember pit fighter on the amiga? that was quite fun, but then it got boring after a while.
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Originally Posted by Pink
- The Adventures of Robinhood

In what other game can you shoot your love interest dead, attend her funeral, massacre all the monks at the cermony, enter the castle disguised as a monk, bribe the guards when they try to hang you, repeat till the castle is empty, and then claim it as your own only to be beat to death by the town's people for committing genocide and filling the local grave yard?
Actually, this all happened to me in real life...
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haha that is quality. i need to play "the adventures of robin hood"

in the indiana jones game "the last crusade", you can grab the holy grail at the end with your whip. that is about all i know
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Woo, here's a list I made of Amiga games I like and dislike.

Thumbs up:

1. Dragon's Breath - I once played this for 36hrs straight
2. Lords of the Realm - Great Empire Management, addictive
3. Escape from Colditz - Best game of it's type ever made!
4. Exile - Astounding, original, freeform, fiendishly hard, wicked
5. BAT - Clunky interface but great adventure
6. Bloodwych - Just something soo addictive about this one
7. Captive - Remotely-controlled robots are sexy
8. Cadaver - Lovely isometric fun, very underrated
9. Carrier Command - Awesome multi-vehicle control system
10. Dreamweb - A refreshingly adult theme
11. First Samurai - Graphics all stealable via Dpaint
12. Space Crusade - Gotta love Space Marines with big guns
13. Nebulus - Lovely and original platformer, charms me to this day
14. New Zealand Story - Cutest platform game ever made
15. Ports of Call - Who didn't spend weeks glued to this? Anyone?
16. Powermonger - Whoever above said it was boring, well I think you were missing something!
17. Special Forces - I had so much fun with this squad-based game
18. Settlers - Fantastic, I played this so much that I used to dream about it. I hated all the sequels though.
19. Rick Dangerous 1 & 2 - So much character in these wonderful little platformers
20. KGB - A brilliant, involved, complex and unforgiving mystery.

Thumbs down:

1. Walker - Great fun at first, but gets very boring very fast
2. Utopia - So much potential, but badly executed
3. Superfrog - Tries too hard. Creepy, a bit like the Crazy Frog
4. Skidmarks - How many disks? How much RAM needed? For this?
5. Rise of the Robots - Steaming pile of tosh
6. Moonshine Racers - Horrid, horrid, horrid
7. Last Ninja Series - Could have been so much fun too, but really badly executed
8. Desert Strike - boooooorrrrriiiiiiing. nice gfx though
9. Chubby Gristle - Someone actually built this game up to me, and then I found out it was the most poorly made platform game I'd ever played
10.Knightmare - I almost liked this. For awhile.
11.Jaguar XJ220 - Felt rushed. Not a patch on Lotus Turbo Challenge
12.HeroQuest - Just didn't work as well as it's sister Space Crusade
13.Gloom - Utter crap, but this opinion may have been aided by the fact I played Doom on the PC before I played this
14.Epic - They spent so much time on the graphics, they left out the game!
15.Cool Spot - Just...sucked. Nice animation in parts though.
16.Bart vs the Space Mutants - Only one Simpsons game has ever been good. And it was made a long time after the Amiga became retro
17.Akira - Great film, arse game
18.A-Train - Just play Simcity2000 instead!
19.The Addams Family - Aren't most movie tie-in platform games crap?
20.Batman - See Addams Family comment

I could go on for ages, for both lists, but I think I should really get some work done now........

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19.The Addams Family - Aren't most movie tie-in platform games crap?
Yes, most are, but this wasn't one of them. At the time games programmers were falling over themselves to re-create Mario for the Amiga, and if you ask me this was the closest we ever got. This was one of my all-time fave Miggy games and most of the Amiga magazines raved about it too. It was given a 95% rating in one I used to buy - I think it was Amiga Power.

It oozed quirkiness, style and playability. I feel so strongly about this I'm prepared to fight you over it... to the death if necessary. Unguard!!
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Originally Posted by Rock_Lobster
6. Moonshine Racers - Horrid, horrid, horrid
It is such a shame this game turned out to be poo......the IDEA was great! It could have been so much more!!
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Originally Posted by Rock_Lobster
1. Dragon's Breath - I once played this for 36hrs straight
Wow! I wonder how long you would have played if you had been stoned!
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Overrated (in no particular order)

1. Sensible Soccer (tried it and hated it)
2. Agony
3. Speedball

Underrated (in no particular order)

1. Apidya
2. Ruff n' Tumble
3. Fury of the Furries
4. Wizkid
5. Magic Serpant (Has anyone else played this?)
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posted by chuckles
Wow! I wonder how long you would have played if you had been stoned! [IMG]images/smilies/laughing.gif[/IMG]
I was around 13 years old.......hehe, now that I'm a bit older, I'll give it a shot tonight and let you know I just got a nice big bag 'o green AK47 as well

posted by thinlega
It is such a shame this game turned out to be poo......the IDEA was great! It could have been so much more!!
Yep, I'll give it that, the idea had potential.

posted by dreamkatcha
It oozed quirkiness, style and playability. I feel so strongly about this I'm prepared to fight you over it... to the death if necessary. Unguard!!

Ok, ok. Perhaps I was wrong. I will go and play this again tonight and see if my memories are skewed. (If I find they weren't though, get that sword ready!)
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Actually, I really enjoyed Moonshine Racers :s It was slow as hell and looked horrible, but it had that "tough, but not to tough" feeling. I WANTED to beat that game. Never did though, always failed with the second new car
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It's interesting reading people's opinions regarding what they think is a good or bad Amiga game.I think that alot of how an opinion is formed is because of pure nostalgia to be honest from some gamers.
I for example adore the Turrican 2 universe and love to play through every so often just to be surrounded by the warmth of atmosphere this game clearly has.The music plays a big part in this but also the games graphics are nicely done and the game plays solidly enough to be good fun.It's the collection of these couple of things that come together well that make the experience of playing Turrican 2 a pleasure and not because the game is actually an amazing game.Ask some people however and they will happily tell you that Turrican 2 is without doubt the greatest platforming shooter there is and not just on the Amiga(consoles own this territory i'm afraid).
I have a preference towards the Amiga but i can tell you that if you want to play the best 2d platformer then you need to get yourself a snes , if you want the best 2d shooter then you again need to look at getting a snes or a megadrive(I do love Apidya however as it is class).For choice though i would choose the Amiga every time as so many games for it you just cannot play on any other machine and it does have some true gems.
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Turrican2 deserves all the praise it gets, but I think the Hueslsbeck? soundtrack is seriously over-rated.
I originally played Turrican 1&2 on the C64, which had minimal in game music, but this didn't make the games any worse off.
Don't get me wrong - the music is good, but there are so many websites worshipping these tunes that I believe the game itself will someday become overlooked.
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Exclamation Help!

hi have you played colditz and have a map beacuse i need a map beacuse im trying to find a rifle
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Smile Help!

chuckles your 51 so do you have a colditz map?
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Ray Norrish
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Originally Posted by Rock_Lobster
15. Ports of Call - Who didn't spend weeks glued to this? Anyone?
Yes, that was played to death, I must say... in fact.. I feel like playing it again already!
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Originally Posted by carl
chuckles your 51 so do you have a colditz map?
So, because of his age, you think he's been there? WW2 was over a a long time ago when he was born.

I'm just joking, just found it funny that you asked him on the basis of his age.
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Originally Posted by Rock_Lobster
I was around 13 years old.......hehe, now that I'm a bit older, I'll give it a shot tonight and let you know I just got a nice big bag 'o green AK47 as well
Nope you were 10 when you played it!.. unless of course you played it 3 years after it was released which would have then of course made you 13.

Dont mind me, im stressed & bored.
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1 Bob's Bad Day (Psygnosis) - A topdown rotate-the-screen-to-move-the-character action puzzler. One of those that reviewers all liked and most players liked, but hardly anyone played. Nearly finished it - determined to do it one day

2 Wizkid (Ocean) - Surreal, varied and extremely funny in places (I'd've changed that final level though.....) Again, great reviews but not a big seller despite its lineage.

3 Cloud Kingdoms (Millenium) - Another topdown puzzler, with an amazing variety of levels requiring so many different skills, and a non-linear structure effectively allowing you to make it more action-y or more puzzly.

4 Tearaway Thomas (Global) - A proper console-style platformer, though definitely aimed at The Younger Player, even if it was challenging enough to keep older players going.

5 Awesome (Psygnosis) - Had the same stunning visual standard as the Beast series from the same guys, but with actual gameplay (and several types of it too). Amazing game-over music too.

1 Lotus 3 (Gremlin) - My feelings here are well-known. Far too slow without hacking the hardware, especially those mountain stages. Even then, it's unstructured, unfocussed, uneven difficulty, the worst of committe-thinking in trying to combine everything from the first two, but without undertanding why they were great.

2 Theme Park A500 (EA) - Nobody else seemed to notice how slow the responses were here (especially keyboard inputs - usually took 3 or 4 attempts just to type your name in correctly), the reduction of rides etc meant it took too long to get interesting, and it wasn't debugged. A pity as it was such a good game on the A1200 and PC (also loved the PC semi-sequel Theme Hospital too)

3 Innocent Until Caught (Psygnosis) - Again, who in Psygnosis' quality control department actually said "yes, that cursor moves quickly enough on an A500, it's not the most frustratingly sluggish thing ever, nobody will complain"?

4 Harlequin (Gremlin) - I can sorta see why others liked this, it does have some good elements, but somehow it's unfocussed and not a great deal of fun.

5 Body Blows (Team 17) - Ashamed to admit I liked this at the time. It was better than Amiga Street Fighter 2, but not by much. Sluggish, cardboard-cutout graphics with lousy animation, a My First Hitting People Game control system with no subtlety or finesse, and generic characterless characters (if you see what I mean)
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Overated :

Harlequin. I recently discovered this game (since it was reviewed as some kind of "metroidvania", wich are 2 of my favorite games), and I really don't like it. Graphics, gameplay, animation, and design. I don't like it, but maybe with a bit of investment, I'll find a good game. But for now, I don't understand the good reviews.

Underrated :

Macdonald lands. The childish graphics and sponsor hide a great mario-like plateform game, with some nice ideas like the up side down plateforms, the invisible moving cubes, etc...THe only issue is the lack of 2 buttons optional mode.

Leander. A great plateform adventure game. Not the biggest levels you can find in a game, but very clever design, nice graphics and smooth animation and gameplay. The weapons store brings nice "all mighty power" feeling, and since you may loose everything you have to think twice before spending all your money in high end items or basic ones. Only issue is the fact you cannot have sound fx and music in the same time (wich is very sad on THE sound machine Amiga).

Lethal weapon. Licensed games often have bad reputation, but this one is a great plateform action game. Handling is perfect, graphics are simple but nice, and there is plenty of secrets in each level. One of the best chiptune music I listened in an amiga game too.
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Deuteros - I don't hear much about this game. I've never seen a clone of it (Millennium 2.2 doesn't really count!)
Supremacy - it has fantastic gameplay, fantastic music and functional graphics. Hard as hell but was fantastic on both the C64 and Amiga
Dreamweb - a novel idea that was actually aimed at adults. I'd love films to actually take a chance and actually have 18 films again aimed at adults and the same with games - it's so rare
D/Generation - another fantastic gem - I could play this for hours but it can get a little repetitive and frustrating. Not realising there was a save system caught me out for a while!
Manhunter New York / San Francisco - I know most people will probably hate these games but I really enjoyed them. Mainly because the games had nice manuals which set the scene perfectly. I quite liked the World as well and was disappointed the series wasn't finished off.

Sleepwalker - I read a ton of reviews and tried really hard to play this game through. After the first level it becomes more of a rage fest then anything else.
Alien Breed - it's such a frustrating game especially when you get the timers on to vacate the level and then get blocked by an Alien. Argh!
Lost Patrol - controversial one really as I actually liked the game but it was the most unfair game I've ever played! Very stylised game and actually had some fantastic parts but when you all die because of something you have no control over the rage beast rears it's head!
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