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Originally Posted by Fastdruid View Post
Only ever collect for your own benefit. I bought them because I wanted them, not to keep and then sell later. Although that said I did sell the pair of A500's and keep the A500+.
Yeah, you should never approach collecting as an investment. Though it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the current prices in case you need to cash in part of your collection for whatever reason.

I regret letting my dad talk me into selling my A500 and getting a PC laptop instead, but I didn't have much control over that so I don't think it really counts. I was half-way through high school and needed something I could use in class.

About 15-ish years ago there was an old Amiga specialist shop that was closing down and selling off the last of their stock. I stopped by to poke around a bit, and found a A4000 desktop for sale for only AUD $150.

Even then, with everyone convinced the Amiga community was drying up, $150 was an insanely low price. I asked the owner about it, apparently someone had dropped it off for repair years earlier, the repairs had been done but nobody ever came to pick it up. I didn't have the cash on me at the time so I told the owner I'd be back later that day.

I came back, cash in hand, about an hour later to find someone else had bought it while I was away. Not long after I got an accelerated A1200 with a few other little upgrades, so it wasn't a huge loss that I missed out, but still, the A4000 was what I really wanted, and if only I'd been back like 15 minutes quicker I might not have lost out.
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Biggest regret, jumping ship to the PC in 96. Second biggest regret, forgetting that my CD32 and 1200 were still at my grandmother's until several years after the old witch sold the house.
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