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I now play my fav' NES games through an emulator (Neon64), not your run-of-the-mill emulator. See, I have my Everdrive µSD card filled with NES roms and I play them with my N64 controller on a very fine 21'' CRT Samsung TV. I'll make a brief comment on those three NES games I mentioned, on their own merits. Strider bears too many of those eyestrain inducing stroboscopic effects, nearly unplayable, Commando flickers badly admittedly but only when some vehicle crosses the screen to stamp on your avatar, so I would say, except for some small collision issues, it plays just fine (what's more, less arduous than their 8-bit counterpart), and Ninja Gaiden has no glaring issue whatsoever, a flawless port.

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The Megadrive did have plenty of games better than the Amiga, but did you see some of the Amiga>Megadrive Conversions?... Terrible

F1 World Champ
Gods (Megadrive version was far to fast and was almost unplayable)
Chaos Engine ( poor sound on the MD)

They both had many games that made the other machine look poor, just down to choice really, and i chose the Amiga due to the variety of games and cheaper prices.
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