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Magic Pockets level format was so clear that I reverse engineered it without looking at the source

I agree that trying to look up obvious counters is the way to go. Same goes for lives when you're trying to reverse gameplay, player position vs enemies, etc... Start by something, and work your way up. Instead of staring at the code all day.
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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
I use to find mainloops all the time for instance to find levelskips or insert CD-music play. I have a good technique with WinUAE. Let me explain.

Play the game and break with shift+F12.

First get rid of the case where you're in an interrupt with "fi RTE", then "t". Unless there's a trap within an interrupt, that should get you back in non-VBL part of the game.

Note down the value of A7. Then use "fi" instruction to find next RTS and "t" to return from it. See if A7 increases. If it doesn't, that's because the RTS is from a subroutine. So ignore that one.

After a few moments, you find the highest A7 value. Means that you're in the main loop. Put breakpoints here and there to find the point beyond which the breakpoint doesn't hit. There's probably a label, and below a BRA to it.
Thanks, that's great advice and I'll try it!
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Originally Posted by WayneK View Post
Since the first post was about reversing the level format, if the individual levels are loaded from disk I would find the disk loader (search for writes to DFF07E/DSKSYNC, work back to find the loader entrypoint then find references to this) and breakpoint after loading to find what the game does with the loaded data (typically depack it then parse it, so it should be one of the first few subroutines called after loading).
It pre-loads everything and I think it probably uses AmigaDOS to do it since the disk is standard AmigaDOS format.

My progress so far is to decode the level tiles and tile map, they are in a trivial format on disk. It's just the enemy placement I can't figure out. There must be some data with all the enemies locations and some stuff about what kind they are, what type of shots they have etc. Actually it's probably just indexes to lookup tables because the enemy behaviour changes with the difficulty level. On normal a lot of them don't shoot back, on hard everything does.
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Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
I realize that i didn't include the .rs (for Resource): http://franck.charlet.pagesperso-ora...mp/side_rs.zip
Thanks. What do I open it with?
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The Resource disassembler, i uploaded the latest version in the zone.

Be sure to use "New Syntax" (in "option 1") (fixes a bug).
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and for windows you can use IDA PRO V6.8, which you can find here:

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