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ACA1230/56 slowed down, now stopped working completely

Weird one this... I've had a 1230/56 working quite happily in my 1200 for well over a year, and being reliable as the day is long. I plugged it in, turned it on, and it has been faultless since.

Until today.

My 1200 has been running slowly today, despite 64MB memory appearing and CPU showing a 68030, so I tried sysinfo and found I was only about 1.6 times the speed of a standard 1200. CPU speed was being reported as a 68030 at 60MHz or thereabouts though!

Tried ACATune, and it told me I'd got a 1230/56 running. Yes, indeed.

Removed and reseated the card, and now the 1200 won't boot with the card installed. Works fine without it.

I've cleaned the connector with isopropyl alcohol, but still no joy.

Any clues, because I'm stumped other than asking Jens if he can check it!
Mobo is 1D4, and I've not made any mods to timing fixes. Hasn't been recapped, but there's no evidence of leaking and everything works fine without the 1230.
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Needs a life

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Had a good look at the card, and it looked like the 68030 was not quite sitting square in its socket. Pushed it in, and it's working as well as ever.

How odd. Chalk that one up to experience!
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Have to say they are a nice piece of kit, i will be selling both of mine soon
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