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Technology And Heat

With over 40°C lately here in Germany, I had a discussion about using technological equipment in heat. And someone said that most devices must not be used over 35°C and to my surprise he found the according paragraph in my TV set's instruction manual where it said something like only to use between 12°C and 35°C.

So is that the limit? 35°C?

And I have a computer with ventilation problems, but I thought just surfing the internet wouldn't be a problem at 40°C, but now I wonder what to do with it in the next heat wave.
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My plasma TV died 3 years ago in some other heat wave. Computers on the other hand...dunno most chips can function way beyond 35°C.
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35°C is probably a figure used as an upper limit for ambient temperature when specifying the cooling requirements for any device. Chips etc will work perfectly at much higher temperatures but if the cooling system cannot dissipate heat fast enough components can go into thermal runaway.

If your PC already has ventilation problems, it could easily die in a heat wave. I had one PC with terrible airflow that would often lock up in summer time and eventually killed its hard drive, and we don't get 40°C here in Scotland. Sort out its cooling and you'll probably get away with ordinary web browsing.
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That spec is indeed ambient temp, the room temp basically.

I bet if you setup a fan directed towards the TV so it blows air on the back side where the vents are it would be fine.

The issue is that yes it COULD degrade the components and sometimes to the point of overheating and zapping themselves.

Most computers however have decent cooling, however some cases are worse at getting the heat out of the case.

CPU's can run quite hot before they start to thermal throttle, usually around the 95c range or so, sometimes less.

Most CMOS/BIOS settings can be adjusted to change this thermal temp and/or adjust the fan curves to be more aggressive during hotter temps.
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I had one of machine controllers die due to constant overheating in enclosed box. Even hardware is slower and older, it still manages to overheat.

Doing what jmmijo will work just fine, as long as your PC's airflow is not to move air in back. (that would cause it to heat bit faster )
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