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Easy questions, if you have the answers!

Hi All,

I'm new here, so, Greetings to all.

I am just getting my passion back for the Amiga after many, many years of absence. I originally owned an A500 back in about '89 and have dug it out from my vast collection of stuff. I started to play with it, and I wanted more than the A500 has to offer, so I have just purchased an A1200 from eBay (In mint condition! ) and I am starting to tinker with it, and expand it.

I have a few questions for those who would like to offer some answers:

1) I dug out my old Philips CM8833 screen and connected the A1200 to it, but I wanted a better display and more space on my desk, so I made up a cable to connect it to an LCD HD TV screen (http://www.ianstedman.co.uk/Amiga/am...iga_scart.html). This gave a great picture while the image was static, but on moving images, even as little as the mouse moving across the screen, there was a weird ghosting effect that followed the movement. It was quite annoying and I decided to go back to my old CM8833. Does anyone know what may cause this? Its difficult to describe, or post an image of, but I am sure you will know what I mean if you have seen it.

2) With the same cable and the same LCD screen, the sound was distorted. There was no sound distortion with the same cable on the CM8833. Any ideas what may cause this? There is also no distorted sound using the same TV with a different SCART source (i.e. DVD/VHS). i.e. its not the Amiga, and its not the TV, but a combination of the 2.

3) I loaded ProTracker to play some old mods I had, and when I got a directory listing (which was in purple) I noticed that towards the right of my screen, the blue and red components of the display were splitting to such an extent that at the very far right I could see a seperate red and blue image of the text. I just put this down to the fact that my CM8833 was close to 25 years old and the picture aint gonna be as good as it was on day 1! When I bought my A1200, the guy who sold it gave me, for free, his CM8833-II (which was good of him!) so I decided to try this (after fixing the dodgy power switch), but I have EXACTLY the same red/blue colour splitting at EXACTLY the same spot on the right side of the screen. Is this some weird coincidence or something else? When I saw the same colour splitting problem on the CM8833-II, I was using a different cable, so I can eliminate the cable as the problem

4) As you now know, I have a CM8833 and a CM8833-II, but I do not know the technical difference between them. The quality looks quite similar (maybe a touch better on the mark 2), but I would like to know the exact specs of both. I did a little googling, but did not find anything. Can anyone tell me what the techincal differences are? I do prefer the mark 1, as it has a scart socket and I am using this with a scart switch box with inputs from my BBC model B and my Spectrum 128K! But I am sure I could make up some cables for these old machines to connect to the 9pin D connector if I had to.

Thanks in advance for any answers


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1. What you're describing is interlacing (or rather deinterlacing). The CRT can show the interlaced screen directly, but the LCD has to deinterlace it first, giving you the artifacts that you mention. You cannot show an interlaced picture on an LCD without some kind of artifacts.

2. Voltage level maybe? Is the sound still distorted if you turn down the volume in a mod-player?

3. Sounds like convergence problems. It is almost always noticeable even in brand new CRTs, but gets worse with age as the calibration is no longer valid. Can be readjusted by a trained technician to a certain extent.

4. Can't help you there.
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