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Software for ColorBurst, Fun Color, Archos AVideo 12 & AVideo 24 wanted


I recently posted to the Coder's Heaven forum asking if anyone has technical info on the various devices that plug into the Amiga's video port, like DCTV, HAM-E, ColorBurst etc. http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=32674 Those allow more colours to be displayed on any Amiga.

I'd like to get hold of the software that came with some of those units. The DCTV and HAM-E software is already available online, but I can't find software for these:
  • Fun Color (Adept Development)
  • ColorBurst (M.A.S.T.)
  • AVideo 12 (Archos) - also known as Colormaster?
  • AVideo 24 (Archos)
  • Video DAC 18 (Newtronic Technologies)
It would be great if someone could upload any of that to The Zone.

I'd also be interested in getting hold of the hardware (if it's cheap). The eventual aim is to figure out how they operate, so support can be added to Amiga emulators.

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A spot of thread necromancy here, but I've just acquired a VideoDAC18 without it's included program disk. Does anyone have it please?

It's not available on the usual Amiga-Hardware or Amiga Hardware Database sites and doesn't appear to be on Aminet either.
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(Continuing the necroposting)

Avideo and VideoDAC18 software is in the zone.
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I've started to look at the AVideo software.

It seems the AVideo 12, AVideo 24 and AVideo YC need/use different avideo.library versions.

The BSC ColorMaster software which was previously uploaded has an AVideo 12 version of avideo.library. Both AVideo disk sets linked on the amiga.resource.cx AVideo 12 and 24 pages seem to be for the AVideo 24. Does anyone have an AVideo 12? Can you confirm whether or not the AVideo disks on amiga.resource.cx work with it?

There is very little info on the AVideo YC online. http://obligement.free.fr/articles/avideoyc.php has some info and a picture. The AVideo YC is an external unit which connects to the RGB port. So it must work differently from AVideo 12 and 24 which connect between Denise and the motherboard. It also has a frame grabber; you connect it to the parallel port for that.
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