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Happy My First (with a gift : NEXT - Demos Packs (1991) dumped & uploaded)

(Huhuh, 1st messy on the board, how can i introduce myself ? Hello? Hi? Guyz? ... hum )

20 years after my first steps with my good old a500, i'm here sitting in front of my laptop, connected to the net, with a high speed connection, writing my first post about the amiga as a newbie.

First of all, Happy new Year to everyone reading this messy.

For those who cares, i had an A500 then an A1200 in the early's 90's. I was not a gamer. I was in collecting demos, and things related to the scene, since i was unable to find a coder to start doing demo stuff. I used to draw some things with Dpaint, logos and things like that.

Ok, so let's go:
After selling my amiga in the mid 90, I didn't wanted to give my whole disks collections (demos) to the buyer, which was only interested in games !

So I still have plenty of disks waiting for so many years, in some abandonned place (!).

Surfing on the net helped me to remind me of the amiga, with emulators. I then saw how important was the community. I understood I was still an amiga freak, but not alone. I bought an old A500, and started to dump my first disks (Not all my collection).

That was 3 years ago. Time has passed and I've never done anything with it.

So here i go.
I wanted to share my DUMPS (It started with disks hard to find on the net or never seen) and be part of the job (?!).
I have only 30 disks dumped, and it ask me too much time (A500 connected to PC with cable + ADF Dump) because many disks are more or less good so i have to try many times for only 1 disk to adf.

I've actually dumped many
- IMPACT INC. compact disks (French crew coming from the C64, one of the first Moby(The great, now known as 'El Mobo')'s group, compact made by Alan. Some of the disks are still on the net but not all hopefully.)

- NEXT packs (Infestation). Some of them are on Bitfellas... but i have the very first one (From N°1 to 4x except N°27).

You'll find in the Zone today :
A zip file with INFESTATION PACK 5 to 9. (Sorry, 1 to 4 are not on this PC, so next time).

I know it's only packs (so many packs) with well known demos, but it's part of the amiga's history, so these disks must be saved. And it's a part of my amiga memories I want to save too.

Well, too many text kills the post, So see you next time !!

Thanks to all for keeping the spirit of the scene alive.
For all those years of dreams.

And just for the end : No Intro SUCKS !!! (Stop consuming, Start Creating)

Scrolltext restart ;-)
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Thank you, pack #5 have awesome menu music known from Cryptoburnes Megademo 2.
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Hi, Madj, and welcome to EAB!

What a considerable contribution you will make to the Amiga community by uploading your disk collection. Let's hope that they are still in good shape after all these years.

That's a great start you've made already!

Thank you very much!

Keep up the good work!
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how did you get hold of these rareties?

where you a member of either Next/Impact inc. ?

are you living in paris btw?


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Awesome stuff Madj
Look forward to more packs
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Hi Madj !

Thanks for sharing this. I'm very glad to find old Infestation packs, I was in contact with Conquest at the time, cool guy.

And I'm eager to see again those Impact compacts too.
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One more (upload)

Hey, Nice to see such reactions, Thanks !

Well, i've just uploaded Infestation packs 1 to 4 !!
(Maybe should I had kept them for the end, starting from the last ones ? )

OK, too many things to say... not so much time... so just a little :

@ Crown : Hi Mate, remember seeing you on the french Minitel Board Rtel (Nice place to be, Nice talks with many sceners). I live in Nantes btw.

And sadly no, i was not in these groups, but i used to swap with Rhod (have a look at his french Next dedicated web page : http://www.rhod.fr/next.html),

and got some disks from someone closed to an Impact member if i remember well, but this guy was an St-sceners so no regular swap !

Hummm Long boring stories. Next time !

I will give you more soon. The oldest thing will be another pack (arghhh !!) from APOLOGY (1989) : utilities + demos (Read Write errors on spreadpoint's one) :

Message (never heard about this copy-party... If someone as info about it, was it the Ackerlight's bust ?) & Greets are very interesing as this group was the continuity of AMNESIA, with a well known musician : MOBY years before IMPACT INC, ALCATRAZ, DRD, SANITY...
Only for history...

Must go, but i'll check on the net if next disks are rareties or not...
2 rare small slide-shows are still on the run

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Apology-GoldDisk#1-utilities.png
Views:	186
Size:	14.2 KB
ID:	23958  

Last edited by Madj; 14 January 2010 at 21:28. Reason: add a pic
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If you have the Apology megademo it would be cool if you could upload it there:


Or anywhere else at your convenience as nobody seems to have it any longer.

The copy party was probably the one held in Colmar (East of France) by Zigag (and possibly Destiny) which was raided by the cops & the APP (one of the part of the Apology megademo by K.B.Caps (skyman) contains a report of the party itself).
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Thanks for another valuable contribution, Madj!
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New stuff

Thx hitchhikr for the information. I think Ackerlight died later, i must take my notes back and fix my memory.

I don't have Apology Megademo btw (or i do think so... Must have a look at my disks at my mom's home). I see this group was not so unknown finally.

Well, I'm sorry about my first upload. I was so sure Next packs were rareties. I did a simple TOSEC verification !

And i discovered this week on Bitworld bitfellas many of them !!! and n°5 to n°9 where there for years (Crown was the man) !! arghhh, me stupid

Sorry ! I won't make this mistake anymore.
I saw there was still many Impact CD, so my contribution will be very light as my 1st pack is n°18 (on bitworld), and after that 39 to 60, but only a few of them are not available.

Today, 4 adf
- Apology Gold Disk #1
- Utilities (Neck)
- Nova Hungy Pack #2 (#3 is on bitworld, so...)
- JYS first pack



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