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Arrow Status Report: Digibooster Professional 3

Status Report: Digibooster Professional 3

APC&TCP respondible for the distribution and development of the music software Digibooster Professional 3 wants to give you an overview of the development of the new version as stated on 19th January 2009 in the news.

First of all we have to say that the program is being rewritten from scratch opening new opportunities which haven't been possible with the old sources of Version 2.xx or at least without an unacceptable amount of work. The program structure can be enhanced now and designed with more efficiency in mind.

playback routine

The implementation of the playback routine on the basis of Digibooster Professional version 2.xx in the new version 3 is nearly finished. Smaller effect commands like Sxx (Pitch up/down) or Lxx (setting of envelope position) and the DSP echo effects parameters (Vxx, Wxx, Xxx, Yxx, Zxx) must be implemented yet. Once we have done that the new playback routine will equal to 100% the one of version 2.xx on the new basis.
Moreover the new playback routine will be very portable having a positive effect on the portability to non AmigaOS compatible platforms.
Furthermore the new playback routine will be 100% independent of AHI.

Digibooster Professional 3 GUI

The basic GUI functions like
* trackerraster
* instrument list
* edit options (new, delete, change, ...)
are already implemented.

In addition the programm will run with several tasks (tracker, player, ...).
Visual customization using different skins will be possible too.


This external program will enable you to render music files to complete AIFF or WAV files. It will be made available to the community for open testing shortly. Please note that this isn't the final version.

At this point we would like to advise you of the support forum of Digibooster Professional. Everyone interested in the development and integration of new ideas is welcome to take part at the discussions.


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Arrow APC&TCP: DigiBosterPro Open Beta starts today

The Open Beta Test of DigiBoosterPro has started today.

For this purpose we have published the program DigiRoller at http://www.digiboosterpro.de

We wish to get as much users as possible for this Open Beta Test to avoid future problems.

DigiRoller is a standalone DBM module player and renderer. It is released for free as a previev of sound synthesis technology used in incoming DigiBooster 3. With DigiRoller any DBM music module can be played or saved to AIFF/WAVE file. There is also benchmark mode which allows for estimating DigiBooster 3 player engine speed on different hardware. DigiRoller is being released for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS 1.4/2.x and runs on all hardware supported by these operating systems (with exception of 68020+ requirement for AmigaOS 3 version).

The key feature of the new DigiBooster 3 player engine is AHI independency. The new engine does not rely on AHI resampling and mixing. Using own algorithms allows for better quality, for example track mixing is done with 24-bit precision. Breaking AHI dependency also opens a way for making high quality DigiBooster 3 module replayers for non-Amiga operating systems like Windows, Linux or MacOS.

DigiRoller uses AHI as a playback backend only, to stay compatible with as many sound hardware as possible.

Homepage: http://www.digiboosterpro.de
Support-Forum: http://www.amigafuture.de/viewforum.php?f=15
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Arrow DigiBooster Pro Status Report

DigiBooster 3 development has been resumed after holidays break. While it has been demonstrated that program skeleton is working on both MorphOS and AmigaOS 4, and player engine, the heart of any music tracker, was mature enough to release it inside DigiRoller, there are still substantial features missing.

The first one of them just implemented is instrument loading.

DigiBooster 3 supports common AIFF and WAVE PCM formats, as well as legacy 8SVX/16SV ones. What is important - no more sample size limit.

Samples are only limited by memory available. Another important thing is reading sampling rate from the file. No more handtuning of samples taken at 44,1 kHz (or any other frequency, DigiBooster 3 supports audio up to 192 kHz). Just sample C-3 note from your instrument then play it as C-3 in DigiBooster. It is worth noting that sample loading window is not a plain filerequester.

It displays basic sample information on single click and features automatic playback, so browsing large samples collections becomes more comfortable. It also displays comments contained in audio files. Stereo files may be loaded as well (all supported formats), user's choices of stereo handling are loading single channel (left or right) or mix down both channels to mono.

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Some news about this software:
After a long period of closed testing the DigiBooster 3 music tracker enters the public beta stage. The main goal of public betatesting is to check program core stability and performance on different operating systems and hardware configurations. Demo versions of DigiBooster 3 for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS are available for download on the official DigiBooster website. Please note that this is not a release candidate. Many important features still wait to be implemented. It is highly recommended to read a "readme" file after installation.

The key features of the new DigiBooster 3 are:

- Fully scalable MUI graphic interface with themes.
- New player engine, portable and AHI independent.
- Backwards compatible with DigiBoosterPro 2.x (the same module format).
- PowerPC native versions for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS.

http://www.digiboosterpro.de/downloads.php For OS4/MOS

"This is the first public beta version of DigiBooster 3 music tracker
for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. Note that this is NOT a release candidate -
many important features are not yet implemented and will be added in
the future. The aim of this beta release is to check stability of the
program core on different hardware and software configurations and
gather user suggestions and oppinions.

GUI themes

As DigiBooster 3 is not a plain simple MUI application, it has a
concept of GUI themes. At the first run, DigiBooster 3 starts with
default MUI config on given machine. It may be suboptimal. It is
recommended to choose one of preconfigured UI themes in the program

Full screen

To run DigiBooster 3 in fulscreen mode, two steps have to be performed:
1. When running from an icon, the icon tooltype FULLSCREEN should be
activated (by removing parentheses). When running from CLI, FULLSCREEN
(or FS) parameter should be given. After that DigiBooster 3 will run
fullscreen on Workbench/Ambient screen.
2. A public MUI screen should be defined in the MUI screen manager and
then the screen should be selected in MUI settings for DigiBooster.
DigiBooster 3 will run on this screen then, as any MUI application.

Note that UI themes in the archive are designed for minimum screen
size of 1024 x 768 pixels. They may be usable in 800 x 600, but it is
not guarranted.

AHI mode

DigiBooster 3 uses exclusive AHI acces to get the best possible sound
quality. The default mode however is usually not the best one. Please
select 16-bit HiFi stereo++ mode and 44100 (or 48000) Hz sampling rate
in the program configuration window.

Module formats

This beta version loads *.dbm (DigiBoosterPro 2.x) modules only. More
formats will be added in the future.

Demo version

The only limitation of this demo version is disabled module saving.

Remarks, suggestions and discussion

We encourage users to send their opinions to our support forum for DigiBoosterPro" http://www.amigafuture.de/viewforum.php?f=15 .
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Demo of DigiBooster 3 is also available for AmigaOS 3 now.
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