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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Whittling everything from a piece of wood with Asm/C is a bit difficult to motivate yourself for in this age.

LOL! For me it's exactly the other way around. In company there is not much room for ASM. C/C++ is about the lowest you can get nowadays. So I'm quite happy that I can spend some time doing M68K ASM coding because I want it that way and nobody telling me what I need to do.
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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Yeh, I do most of my hobby coding in Python and university makes me do coursework in Java.

Whittling everything from a piece of wood with Asm/C is a bit difficult to motivate yourself for in this age.
Well... I write C# all day at work and find that writing C on an Amiga makes a nice change.

But, on topic, my biggest (Amiga related) regret is (1) not knowing that the battery in an A4000 is a time bomb and (2) throwing away the carcass in about 2004.
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Originally Posted by DanScott View Post
So, I had quite a successful career making games over the last 30 years...including working on quite a few well known and successful games for Core Design. Obviously, around 1994 we moved completely away from the Amiga, into the realms of consoles (a purely business move).

My biggest regret... not getting a chance to actually port one of my games properly to CD32... would love to have done a proper AGA version of Chuck Rock 2!! That would have been so fun to do (and probably would not have taken too long to do either)

What's your biggest Amiga regret ?
Not staying up to date with my Amiga's. Not removing the battery from my A2000 and A2500. Even though they work it could have been worse. Not documenting or versioning my ASM code so I knew what I was trying to do. Not having a up to date backup of my code and trying to go through it now and trying to figure out WTH I was trying to do.

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My biggest regret in 1996 or so, was being stuck with it Sorry, but that was the harsh reality. My old trusty A500 just did not cut it anymore, when for everybody else around me Doom etc was already old news.

About a decade later I stumbled on a big bundle in a charity church sale - A500, HDD and a heap of other extras. I did get it for 5 quid on a nostalgia impulse, but was living a different lifestyle then and did not really care much for retro stuff. I think I plugged it in once, shelved it and then gave away to someone when moving flats. Pity!
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My biggest regret was selling off a pretty well-loaded Amiga 3000 about 8 years ago...

Fortunately, I'm in the process of correcting that mistake...
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1) Leaving my real name on every copied disk I had (in highscore tables and I even played with a Hex editor and changed around whatever I could to my name). My brother stole my disks from my locked (!) disk box and copied them to everyone. Those people didn't want the unchanged versions and that was it.

2) Buying a full equipped A4000T and many other Amigas back then that I can't sell now because I can't cope with Ebay (and don't trust it). And also I don't have space and money now to care for them and just watch them deteriorate into shit and I don't even know if I would still get money for them today.

3) Destroying many original disks with DMS in a try to preserve them. DMS always says it's ready with reading, BUT IT'S NOT - you take out the disk and ZWOOSH ZRRR your disk is done forever.
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Probably getting rid of my A570 when it broke instead of trying to fix it. I miss playing around with CD's on my A500...

A good second/third would be not getting a Blizzard 1260 but opting for an A1200 tower instead and not getting an A4000 when I had the chance but thought it was slightly overpriced. Little did I know.
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On hw side selling my decently equipped A2000.. (ok got A3000 instead but that A2000 was a breeze).

On sw & dark side never having guts to jump fully into scene stuff and never really putting effort to evolve from counting cycles to proper sw engineering. On the latter I guess I just was not hungry & determined enough..
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Truth is, I was a bit naive back in the day and some of my regrets are related to it.

1) Comparing my art skills to contemporary demo scene art. I got really discouraged at one point and halted drawing thinking I could never reach the same level of creativity than chaps I knew were just a few years older than me .. little did I know about the influence of Boris Vallejo or Frank Frazetta . Fortunately I did pick up the hobby later and did become a game artist.

2) Much too stubborn with the platform. I hanged on with Amiga until 1997, still expecting it to make a comeback of sorts and never went to PC. When I finally got into Mac ecosystem in 1999 I was blown away with what the platform offered. But, by then I had a mountain to climb learning all the programs I'd overlooked.

3) Failing to really release anything on the Amiga platform. I took part in number of ambitious game projects that were scoped too big or died out for one reason or another. It was only later that I learned the skill of balancing the ambition with actually getting something out.
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Originally Posted by DanScott View Post
What's your biggest Amiga regret ?
There is quite a few of those mistakes over the years. I guess the biggest would have to be a toss up between not doing a backup of my BBS machine, losing not only the BBS, but source codes, releases and internal things my main group did back then Or perhaps it was selling my A1200 and C64 on the cheap when I upgraded to an A4000.

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Not buying a totally loaded A500 instead of a basic A2000 (in autumn 1988). (It probably did pay out a bit later, but I think I would have been ahead with the A500 way.)
Also, not going for a basic A500 in 1987...
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Stuck in the 80s

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Selling my original 500 for a 1200.
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Selling my A1000
Selling my A2500
Not buying an A3000
Not buying an A4000...
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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Selling my original 500 for a 1200.
That's one I wasn't expecting.
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Selling my CS PPC
Selling my BPPC 060 and Blizzard Vision
Selling my A1200

At least I kept my A4000T Toaster/Flyer and the A3000T that I bought new.
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Waiting to buy an A1000 w/monitor at a thrift store for $25 in 2009. Came back a week later and it was gone .
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Biggest regret for me is probably not coming back to the scene sooner than late 2017.

Back with a vengeance now though.
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In the early 2000s, I sold my clean, in the box, A4000 so I can buy brand new DVD recorder for my PC.
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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
In the early 2000s, I sold my clean, in the box, A4000 so I can buy brand new DVD recorder for my PC.

Hows the DVD drive today?
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Not a biggy but once saved my only copy of some MED modules I made to a high density disk with tape over the hole. Worked for a while and then failed. For hours I tried to repair the corruption with hex editing disk segs but no dice. Don't miss the days of floppy disks and cold sweats.
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