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Can you configure the Picasso IV to Zorro II mode? That should allow 1GB Zorro III RAM. (Assuming AmigaOS 4 works with the PIV in Zorro II mode, of course.)
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Thanks! Will try Tonis tip first when in need.

Another question: How can I configure 768MB ZIII RAM? In GUI-Settings this does not work, also not when setting the value manually in config file. Do I also have to add a 2nd
Z3 RAM Board?

Also lots of thanks for all your great efforts and work! Really Impressive!
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Toni Wilen
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Originally Posted by Reth View Post
Another question: How can I configure 768MB ZIII RAM? In GUI-Settings this does not work, also not when setting the value manually in config file. Do I also have to add a 2nd
Z3 RAM Board?
Yes. You need multiple boards if you want non-power of 2 Z2/Z3 RAM size. btw, make sure board order is from largest to smallest (or use automatic mode) for optimal Z3 address space usage.

This was partially automatic in older versions but it wasn't very flexible, it made manual configuration and board re-ordering impossible.
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Interesting about Z3 RAM. I'm curious if this is bug or.. Several versions ago I noticed when modifying my A4000 CSPPC config that when I added 256MB and changed the Memory board from "-" to "E3B ZorRAM" the "E38 ZorRAM" doesn't stay selected after "Power on".

It doesn't seem to matter what options I choose, "Edit autoconfig data" or "Manual configuration" or neither...the memory board descriptor doesn't stay "E3B ZorRAM".
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I have been having ISI crashes when compiling programs on OS 4.1 FE Update 1. The ISI(sometimes DSI) mentions illegal addressing so I figure it must be something to do with memory. My current WinUAE config is:

- A2065 Network card
- Z3 Fast RAM 1 (512MB)
- Z3 Fast RAM 2 (256MB)
- UAE RTG (64MB)
- 2 Hard Drives on the Cyberstorm Accelerator SCSI
- NoRamPager set on boot up

I've checked the Cyberstorm PPC Map Rom is off.

The Grim Reapers are quite consistent usually when compiling(Usually the assembler). It just takes about 3-4 compilation to make it pop up. Any ideas are appreciated.

Things I might try when I have time are:
- Remove all Z3 RAM and just try getting it to happen. Maybe add 256 back in at a time.
- Switch from GCC to VBCC
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