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Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of "Which is Best?.

Last month I placed the two Amiga Asteroid clones,...Stardust and Super Stardust against each other asking you which one in your mind was the better game, I can now reveal that after counting the votes Super Stardust (Stardust II) was voted the better game with 34 votes whilst Stardust gained 10,...I still by far prefer the music from the original game, thanks to everyone who took part.

This month (February 2019) I am placing two of the best shmups ever released on the Amiga against each other,...Hybris and Battle Squadron, which do you think is the better game, only your votes will determine that

VOTING CLOSES March 15th 2019.

Stardust vs Super Stardust youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--dlszhscS0
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Old 15 February 2019, 20:13   #2

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Ooh, tough one yet again.. I'd say Battle Squadron, but by a small margin. Both so good..
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Old 15 February 2019, 20:31   #3
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I’m going with BattleSquadron also as it’s the one I remember putting more time into back in the day. Though I will be playing them both again later!
Great thread idea I need to get into some different games again. So many on my flash card I can’t see wood for t’trees
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Old 15 February 2019, 21:43   #4
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I love both games. Hard choice. But i would say Battle Squadron is the better game.
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Old 15 February 2019, 22:02   #5
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Not really a fan of shmups but I play them occasionally for music and Hybris and Apidya rule in that department for me.
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Old 16 February 2019, 01:18   #6
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Hybris for me also. Loved it, and could clock all the levels many times over back in the day.
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Old 16 February 2019, 01:25   #7
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Very tough choice, but i'll go with:
Battle Squadron
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Old 16 February 2019, 03:03   #8
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Battle Squadron
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Old 16 February 2019, 13:46   #9
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played both to death..

but as they are made by the same team, and Battle Squadron is the later of the two, I will have to go with Battle Squadron, but mostly because of the 2 player mode.

edit: btw, the graphics artist of both games, currently maintain this page: https://8bitlegends.com/
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Old 16 February 2019, 13:48   #10
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Hybris ..... for the music
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Old 16 February 2019, 15:59   #11

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Hybris probably. Music kicks arse
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Old 16 February 2019, 19:40   #12
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If I remember correctly, Hybris has the better level-design, while BSquadron exceeds its predecessor in terms of general atmosphere.

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Old 16 February 2019, 20:00   #13
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Battle Squadron without doubt and I love the music. Had many happy hours on the 2 player mode. Arcade quality on the Miggy!
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Old 16 February 2019, 20:19   #14
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Battle Squadron is the best arcade game never to have been in the arcade.
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Old 16 February 2019, 21:54   #15
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Tough one:

+1 for Battle Squadron
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Old 21 February 2019, 14:03   #16
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Hybris is more or less a copy of the wonderful coin-up Terra Cresta (1985)
Just one year later they released Battle Squadron, i think it's an original work, 2 players at the same time.
Another perfect production and a really good challenge, I think Cope-com really deserve their name !

Strangely, i'll go for Hybris as it's their first release and because it really make me think that the Amiga computer can be a real coin-op arcade computer
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Old 21 February 2019, 14:04   #17
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Definitely Battle Squadron for me
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Old 21 February 2019, 14:19   #18
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Originally Posted by Frog View Post
Hybris is more or less a copy of the wonderful coin-up Terra Cresta (1985)
Exactly, and I love Terra Cresta so hence my vote has to go to Hybris
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Old 21 February 2019, 14:21   #19
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Both games are really good shoot'em up.
Regarding the fact that I played one more than the other, my vote is going to : Hybris
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Old 21 February 2019, 14:42   #20
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Hybris is good, but Battle Squadron > all.
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