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A few AmigaOS 'newbie' questions...

Sorry, super rusty with my Amiga know-how, but we just refurbished the old A4000 with my kid into working order (been 15 years since I last used it!). It's a stock A4000, now with an Indivision flicker fixer, new power supply, new battery. A few questions:

* How does one properly 'shutdown'? When activating 'Quit' from the Workbench menu, there always seem to be some background programs running, so it does not proceed. How do I access these programs to close them? (They are not readily visible)

* We found a few games and demos on the HD, but we are unable to exit a number of them, always forcing a power-down. What is the common way to 'exit' a program on the Amiga, or force kill it?

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A lot of games and nearly each demo have not quit option, reset (ctrl+Amiga+Amiga) or power off is the only option.
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The Amiga does not need to be formally shut down like Windows. Just remember not to power off or reset whilst the drive lights are active. Wait for all disk activity to completely finish before powering down or pressing Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga

If the game is a WHDLOAD slave, then F10 or * key on numeric keypad usually quits back to Workbench Screen. WHDLOAD allows you to configure a quit key for the respective game via the Tooltypes.

A lot of original games not using WHDLoad or JST have no quit to Workbench option.
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Thanks, guys. Ctrl+Amiga+Amiga is what we needed. No quit functionality, I'm beginning to remember the good old days

Btw. thanks Amigakit for the merchadise! It's all working out so far, except the Deneb install volume not appearing (communicating with e3b).

So, is WHDLoad a virtual floppy program, which I can use to run ADF files downloaded from the internet? Does it handle multi-floppy programs well?

Thanks all!
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WHDLoad is a set of utilities which allows you to install originally floppy-only games to the hard drive. Usually the installers also patch the game for better compatibility with newer hardware and remove copy protection. Have a read on the WHDLoad home site for details.
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killergorilla has done much of the whdload work for you just google for his site then pm him and say thanks

did the search for you

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Fantastic, thanks!

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