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Hooooo Vampire's Empire

Has anyone ever ever managed to complete Vampire's Empire?
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Not me! I didn't play it for very long, because it was such a bad game...
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I kinda liked it, personally. Haven't played it in years, but I enjoyed its simplicity. It looked like a C-64 port, but it was far better than the typical ST shovelware of the day. But it did seem to go on forever. Or was that Beyond the Ice Palace? I know both games were on soooo many compacts back then and I played them both quite a bit. I do remember that I had fun with both games, though (and even ended up buying originals of both games!)
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Vampire's Empire is definitely one of the worst games I've ever played.....you'll probably die of boredom before finishing it!!

Being one of Magic Bytes' earliest games, it's not surprising, though. Companies were mostly releasing anything that vaguely resembled a game on the Amiga back in 1987/88 knowing that buyers would jump at the chance to run something remotely entertaining on their $2000 computer. Meanwhile C64 owners with their vastly inferior hardware were enjoying their heydey in games entertainment. Ok, I think I'll step down from my nostalgia soapbox now!
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Haha! its so true tho! ;^)
I guess its pretty much the same with all machines when they`re new, the games from the previous system are in their prime and the games on the new, expensive system are either eye candy with no real game attached or complete crap that people will buy for the sake of having something to play on their new machine!
I stuck with my C64 for quite a while before i finally got my Amiga! then ofcourse i was hopelessly addicted for life! :^)

Oh and so as not to be toooo off topic, i never finnished Vampire`s Empire either, it was just one of those games that i found repellant the second i loaded it! oh well.. :^\
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I guess I am this game's only fan. Go figure. But then, I like John Waters films, so...
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