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TOSEC - DAT Pack - Complete (1111) (TOSEC-v2009-12-27)

Guess what!! TOSEC has released a new datpack

Get it from http://www.tosecdev.org or from http://sharebee.com/1d593001

Merry Christmas all
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Lemon Curry ?

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Yup, I'm rebuilding as I type this.

Btw, thanks for the update.

Last edited by Retroplay; 28 December 2009 at 05:43. Reason: Forgot to say thanks. :)
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Very nice Maybe you should have mentioned that there are new AMIGA DATS in the pack too Thanks to all involved
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Old 28 December 2009, 17:53   #4
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Hi all
Hope we can start having more frequent releases and do things better, we've a few bunch of guys willing to continue the work in TOSEC and do it properly.

As for Amiga dats , i'm not 100% sure if the final dats we have now had all this people involved because some parts got redone and others haven't been applied probably, since last release we had updates made from idoru and bippyM from here too applying fixes, all the latest and excellent work was done by mai with the help of guys like you and others (won't say names because i could forgot someone) around here pointing incorrections And also some TNC fixes so sets became TNC valid.

So i just want to say thanks for your support and if possible keep helping us out by nagging mai
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Send a message via MSN to Kyon
thanks everyone
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Old 28 December 2009, 23:39   #6
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Ok guys, some words by me.
Finally, after a long period of no releases new dats are available.
You probably know, i have done some major changes and improvments in
Commodore Amiga - Games - [ADF] (TOSEC-v2009-12-16_CM),
the rest of Amiga dats are untouched by me.
So, what have i done in current release, which changes are included until now?
I have checked every single disks Letters M - Z, checking for contets, viruses, errors and so on.
I have tried to use general descriptors, instead of different discriptors for one and the same thing.
I have removed some sets, because they contains garbage, and moved some sets to different dats.
I have changed group names to valid abbreviations and some groups got their cracks back, a lot of more changes - i dont know anymore.
I think for myself, the current dat is a step forward, because of removing many errors and a huge number of improvments.
Maybe you have also noticed, i have no sets added, my main aim is to clean the current dat, when i have finished the job, then i will begin to add
new sets from my huge nonTOSEC collection.
I have used the following sources to compare and optimize current release(thanks to the guys behind this projects):

HOL and AMR Database

SPS Database and release

EAB and FTP Fileserver (archives Boondox, BSA, BE-Trader, Boilerroom)

TOSEC Database

now i would grateful for any kind of suggestions and error reports.
Thanks....i will continue.

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Old 23 January 2010, 16:59   #7
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New TOSEC sets are always exciting.

Though I do have a few questions to ask at least....

I wonder what inspired you guys to include the Kixx XL version of The Secret of Monkey Island? Seeing that amongst the other stuff inspired me to check if things like Kixx XL Monkey Island 2 (still available from my webspace ) would also be around, but alas, no dice. Chuffed to see Code Engineers SWOS and AGA/Pirates Vital Light become "part of the family" now on the other hand. Another odd thing is how the Flashback ADFs are still a confusing mismash of non-Englishy releases, despite the Delphine Collection version having been commonly spread around on here for a while now....

But overall, I'm happy to see the previous Skidmarks and Xmas Lemmings naming errors sorted out!

P.S. Why do some games have an [a] tag beside them but no tag-free equivalent to go with them (i.e. a supposedly non-alternative "original")?
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Old 23 January 2010, 18:29   #8
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Originally Posted by MethodGit View Post

But overall, I'm happy to see the previous Skidmarks and Xmas Lemmings naming errors sorted out!
Nice to read, that you like it.
Originally Posted by MethodGit View Post
P.S. Why do some games have an [a] tag beside them but no tag-free equivalent to go with them (i.e. a supposedly non-alternative "original")?
Tell me the sets and i will fix it.
A set should always start with a non [a] flag.
TOSEC explorer is not able to fix this automatically, i have to find the errors manually, there were a few sets, and are still a few sets.
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Really great to have movement on Amiga dats again. Looks like i should dig out my 12 dvd set and start dumping onto a drive for a quick (or not) rescan. Thx for the erfforts...

I look foward to when new discs start being added and we can start hunting, collecting and trading again
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