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Old 27 December 2017, 22:39   #1
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Removing A600/A1200 RF Modulator - Good idea?

I was wondering how many had the RF Modulator removed and regretted it later. I want to make some space on my A1200 for the HDMI adapter on the Vampire.

I know there were some discussions in the past but is it really that useless?
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Old 27 December 2017, 22:54   #2
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Mine is removed on both my 1200s. I don't miss it at all. I'll eventually use the opening for something, maybe the USB plugs on a rapidroad should I ever get one for the 1200s (kind of pointless, IMO, since they have PCMCIA for file transfer).
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Old 28 December 2017, 03:08   #3
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The RF Modulator was unnescessary in the 80th and always had bad quality. I have never regretted it to remove them to make room for better things. (VGA, HDMI, USB,...)
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Old 28 December 2017, 08:13   #4
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No regrets here either. I got my first scart cable back in 1990 and never for a second considered anything other than RGB as an Amiga video signal ever since.
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Old 28 December 2017, 08:50   #5
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You can always save the modulator box and install it again later, should the need arise. It's just very hard to see what possible reason there could be for it, apart from nostalgia perhaps.
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Old 28 December 2017, 11:09   #6
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See ya later modulator
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Old 28 December 2017, 11:21   #7
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Strongly against modifying Amiga - keep Amiga in original shape as much as possible... see no point in such modifications.
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Old 28 December 2017, 15:06   #8
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Space inside the case is at a premium in mine so the modulator went. Never thought about it again...

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Old 28 December 2017, 17:49   #9
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I generally like originality, however the RF modulator is one of the few things that I do not mind getting rid of. In my 600, I have also removed it to make room for a VGA plug (will soon be changed to HDMI I think), and I have never regret it. I still keep the modulator just in case, but I doubt I'll ever reinstall it since RF is and have always been bad. Even in the 90's I never used the RF modulator output as I had a 1084S monitor, so I have no fond memories of blurry images and bad colours.
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Old 28 December 2017, 18:50   #10
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USeless garbage, get rid of with confidence Especially if you wanna plug something new in there like a VGA port or else (my space has the Amiga's power switch in it for my internal picoPSU)
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Old 28 December 2017, 19:49   #11
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It is not about something is useful or not... but introducing serious modification to vintage classic no longer produced computer. I was same years ago, added video port to one of my CD32 but from time perspective i regret this decision - things can't be undone. Perhaps RF modulator can be undone but still prefer to create new enclosure without space limitation than ripping something from PCB.
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Old 28 December 2017, 22:47   #12
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I can understand and appreciate both points of view here.

From a practical perspective, the answer is clear: the RF modulator is completely useless and the space saving is advantageous for other peripherals.

From a preservation perspective the answer is equally clear: The RF modulator is part of the original hardware and removing it will spoil your example of an Amiga 1200.

So in terms of answering the question for you personally: Do you care about what works the best in practice or do you care about preservation? When considering the latter, try to imagine how you might feel about it 5, 10, 20 years from now rather than how you feel in this instant.
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Old 22 January 2018, 02:17   #13
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I never used it on my original Amiga 1200, I'm not likely to start using it now.
There is no doubt, that somewhere ONE "original" Amiga 1200 (perhaps with only a recap done) may have a higher value amongst some, but for the rest of us that actually use Amiga 1200s, the chances of being ABLE to use the RF modulator are diminishing rapidly.
I for once, don't see the point in keeping it*.

* I would keep it, so the Amiga 1200 could be returned to originality, I just wouldn't keep it IN the Amiga 1200.

No regrets this way.
You can always put it back.
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Old 22 January 2018, 11:28   #14
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I'm pro-remove for the following reasons.

- Removed my RF Modulator in my CD32 so that I could put a RGB db9 in it's place. Works a charm. Boosts value to your CD32 for modern users such as those with RGB Scart sockets on the TV and improves the overall video output over s-video, composite and is cheaper than buying a riser for RGB output. Made my own rgb to scart cable for a few quid and scart header handy around the house.

- Removed it in the A600 to fit the HDMI for the vampire.

- RF modulators can become very rusty and therefor overall your miggy will be damaged along with it, so removing it is the best choice. You can always clean it up and If it comes time to selling simply reinstall at the buyers discretion.

http://oi41.tinypic.com/2zovpec.jpg (A poor rf modulator on a decent a600 pcb).

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Old 22 January 2018, 17:57   #15
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Ah, sure it can always be soldered back in!
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