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Did anyone here code Amiga games professionally?

I'm curious to know if anyone on this board actually programmed games professionally for the Amiga in the past, or is this mostly a forum of programmers (like me) who wished they had spent more time learning Assembly programming at the time and are revisiting it out of nostalgia
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Adrian Browne
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I think it's been mentioned that yes a few people on here have coded miggy games professionally in the past. Cd. Mauro did fighting spirit it seems.
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One or two.
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I didn't write any amiga games myself. Would have liked to have worked in the industry around that time. I Worked on the loading routines for one game but I got into the games industry proper some years later. Worked on the sega saturn and sony playstation for about a year before the company started laying people off and i found a more stable career path. I missed out on the bedroom games programming era (8 and 16 bit days) which is probably where i would most like to have been involved. I did work with one of the guys who wrote wiz n liz though.

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Beyond Mutton
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Not me personally but I have worked with people who have coded on the Amiga, C64, Spectrum and a few other systems when I worked at Elite / Motion Time and NMS
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Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
I did work with one of the guys who wrote wiz n liz though.
Not Martin Chudley?
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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Not Martin Chudley?
Nope did he do any work on the Amiga version or was he purely involved in the console version?
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