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Heavy Stylus
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New CD32 Website Dedicated To Unofficial Conversions

Hi there,

Just a little news post to say that I'll be launching a CD32 page on the www.rgcd.co.uk site dedicated to unofficial CD32 conversions of amiga games (single game CDs). Each game will work (tested) on a stock PAL CD32, and will have any additional requirements listed (eg. mouse/keyboard). I intend to host only games for which I have authorisation from the original publisher/coder for direct download (for legal reasons) but will provide access to a secure download location for people who email me with evidence that they own an original disk copy already.

Every game will come complete with a brief description, company info, screenshots and high quality jewel-case inserts for download. Where WHDL slaves are used, WHDLOADCD32 will be used.

I'm sure there are loads of people here who have created their own CDs in the past, so if you'd like to contribute your previous work towards this little project drop me a pm. You will of course be credited.

I've already got 30-40 games I've patched here with artwork, including CD32 versions of Quasar Wars, Phoenix Fighters, Virocop AGA (some of which haven't been done before?) and many, many more. The focus will be on quality rather than quantity.

Launch date is mid March.

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I want an A1000

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Very nice project, thanks!
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Awesome man!

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Send a message via MSN to Spectre
Stylus, send me a pm/email, I have some stuff to contribute and would love to get involved. I also have made inserts for several original CD32 games which came without jewel case packaging (fields of glory, subwar, theme park, syndicate etc). Would you be interested in hosting them?
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Old 20 February 2009, 11:40   #5
Heavy Stylus
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Thanks for people's messages! Work is continuing here with setting this up, launch date is likely to be around the 15th of March.

To begin with I'll only have active download links for shareware/pd stuff, but soonafter I'll start asking people like Team 17, etc. if I can host conversions of their releases. However, as stated before, links will be provided upon request to people who already own a disk copy of the game.

More news soon
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Old 14 March 2009, 19:22   #6
Heavy Stylus
CD32 Fanboi
Join Date: Nov 2006
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Not quite ready, but it's getting there.

Added a few shooters today


Note that at the moment I'm concentrating on some of the lesser-known games (and not necessarily the best examples of their genre). There are a couple of classics up there too though

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