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The Kristal

Does anyone have The kristal?

Before you all turn to the Dreamzone and say it's on there, it's not the game I want.

The game was released and then (I'm assuming) re-released by Cinemaware. I want the Cinemaware version

The game sux btw, but I want a complete Cinemaware collection
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Question Doh


Just tried this old link to the DreamZone. Has it changed?

Never heard of the game though. Wouldn't it be on Cinemawares site like their other old games?
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Most, if not all, of the Dreamzone mirrors have been removed

The game isn't on Cinemaware's site since they have no idea about anything

They rely on ADF sites to get the images they release since they are usually cracked images that they provide. They even turned to me to provide Defender Of The Crown 2 CD32, and when I did, they had no idea how to use it....sheesh
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I will dig through what I have and see what's the deal, but while we're on the subject, it's worth noting that The Kristal was just an import (from Prism Leisure) for sale in the US, since the game had no other way of being released here. They did the same thing with ATF II/Airstrike USA, Death Bringer, Dragon Lord/Dragon's Breath, Federation of Free Traders, Speedball, Xenon II, Bombuzal, Stormlord, Onslaught, Dark Side, and Total Eclipse.

And if you wanna get really technical, TV Sports Baseball almost doesn't count as a Cinemaware game, since it was also a pickup. The original version was almost done (I can scan a flyer that features images from the original version if you like), but for some reason, it was cancelled. The game did, however, get released on the PC as Tony LaRussa's Baseball. The version that finally was released was picked up from Data East and was released here in the states as Bo Jackson Baseball.

I wonder how much of this stuff the current Cinemaware is even aware of.
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I'm a regular at the Cinemaware board (under a different nick ) and I've been in contact with a few of the new Cinemaware team (mainly one of the founders of the new) and as far as I can see, they know nothing...literally

Their scope, as I see it is, Defender Of The Crown 1, The Three Stooges, Rocket Ranger, Sinbad, TV Sports Basketball and Boxing, Wings, It Came From The Desert.

ok...I basically mentioned most of them, but still!
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Well, surely they will snake all the relevant information on their games from our database when it goes live...
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