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Android vs Raspberry Pi

I use emulation these days, but I used to have several Amiga computers at home.

For non-PC emulators, I'm mostly interested in handheld devices. Are there actual benefits in using a Raspberry Pi over an Android device? I image there might be some lag in Android, but I'm not an "ACE" gamer anyway, so it does not really matter to me that much. I have built a GamePI43 handheld with a Pi3+ fitted, but it's one clumsy bulky device, the screen can work at 50hz, but the lack of a touchscreen or at least one analog stick is a serious problem, there are performance issues as well, not to mention mono sound only.

I know the Pi4 is more powerful, but perhaps still not that powerful. So I prefer my Razer Phone 2 Android phone, which can run at 50hz, has a very powerful CPU (Snapdragon 845, 2.8GHZ) and offers good stereo speakers. I just got a Razer Kishi controller for it, which supposedly has no input lag. The fact that it does not need to be charged is something I appreciate a lot. It runs off the phone's battery and has a passthrough charging port.

So I don't agree with some posts which say "Android Amiga emulation sucks", but it's a fact that there aren't many Android devices that can handle the 50hz refresh rate.
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You bought a 'device'. We can't answer questions about device properties or how well it runs emulation without a full spec sheet.

Unfortunately, not all hardware manufacturers provide a full spec sheet these days.

Emulation software version can also be a problem - but not for framerate of working software.

Also if you have a modern display, don't blame device or software for lack of 50Hz - display must be 50Hz capable for them to supply 50Hz and that's rare for modern displays.
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Okay here is my two pence worth.

Nvidia Shield (it's the only device worth using imo, unless you want to use a tablet). This is such a powerful device. It handles just about everything I have thrown at it, however AMiga emulation on android is average. It runs and runs okay, but it isn't optimised.

RPi. Not as powerful but Amiberry is outstanding. If they were to port this to android, and maintain it, well there would be no competition in all honesty!

Android, more powerful hardware, poor software. RPI, weaker heardware, much better software
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The more powerful hardware does not automatically transalte to better emulation experience. The quality of emulators themselves is paramount. Ports are not always optimized properly and standalone emus can be weaker than their counterparts on weaker machines.
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I think up to a few years ago, there was was huge emphasis on Xbox 1 (original) being the best console for emulation with a dev base that still continues to update the emulators! In fact, Kodi as we now know it, started off as XBMC (Xbox Media Center) originated from the Xbox 1!
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E-UAE runs nicely on the PS3, but it's just a quick port that has not been updated.

The Vita and Switch are nice as well, but no 50hz mode in these handhelds (which is understandable, but I hate it...)
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I just wanted to chime in and say that the PUAE core on Retroarch (android) is excellent and I have been playing hdf games on an emulated A1200 with 8mb chip no worries. I have even used netplay to play 2 player between a Google Pixel 3xl phone and an Nvidia Shield TV with no lag in the gameplay..
You can also use the TV HZ app on the Shield Tv to ensure it runs at 50hz.
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