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Question Workbench installation questions

Hi there guys.

I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me please.

I am currently emulating an Amiga via FS-UAE and Amiga Forever 2005
Premium edition from Cloanto.

Amiga Forever comes with a Workbench 3.X ADF file that seems to have a baisc
Amiga Workbench 3.1(-ish) on there.

Loading up Workbench it states the following:
Workbench version: 40.42
Kickstart version: 40.68

I was wanting to create a full Workbench installation to a "Hard drive /
hard drive file" on an emulated hard drive (and or a dir within FS-UAE).

However, it appears that this Workbench may be the bare minimum version
and It doesnt appear to have all of the other disks that would come with
Workbench 3.0/3.1 for a full installation. (As the ADF is exactly 880K in

I have posted a question to the Cloanto support email, but only got the
standard "we received your email" response, and nothing since then.

Back when I was a kid, first starting out with my Amiga, I had a stock machine,
and always wanted a more powerful Amiga that included things like
a hard drive, more RAM, faster CPU, GFX card, etc, etc

So I'm interested in creating a full Workbench installation, with
a powerful spec (HDD, CPU, RAM, etc, etc),
so that I can have my "Dream Amiga" and play some games, and create some
interesting things with the productivity software side of things too.


1. Can anyone tell me if Cloanto's Workbench 3.X contains all of the full
set of Workbench disks and programmes (like fonts/extras/etc, etc)
to allow me to perform a full workbench installation to hard drive ?

2. Can I then install things like MUI/MagicWB to improve the OS too ?

3. Do you have any other reccomendations for other software that I could
install, to make my Dream Amiga ?

PC details
OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
OS type: 64-bit
DE: KDE 5.12.9
Kernel: 4.15.0-99-generic
CPU: 4x Intel Core-2 Q8200 (@2.33 Ghz)

TIA for any help or advice.
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As far as I remember, they did not have full versions off Workbench, especially if you after 1.3, 2.04 etc. They did have 3.0 or 3.1 (can't remember, it has been a while since I got Cloanto set in retro software bundle @ groupees.

Friend of ours created basic workbench setup instructions, you can view them here:


(RIP Paul)

Another friend of ours had finished sets, that are easy to install as long as you have workbench disks, that can be found here:


IMHO, it is very easy to find WB disks and since you own Cloanto I think you are just fine downloading them.
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