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Does anyone know where I can find the Text Viewer "More" from please?

I've looked on Aminet and found more.lha here http://aminet.net/text/show but after extracting it and placing it in the c directory doesn't allow me to run it on the command line, I get this error: "Unable to load more: file is not an object module"

The reason I'm asking is because a couple of text document icons have the default tool set to More and when I click on them I get an error message.

Running wb1.3 and ks1.3

Any thoughts?

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More should be in your Utilities folder.

Your options would be:
- Copy More from SYS:Utilities/More to C:More
- Add SYS:Utilities/ to your path. I don't remember if this works on 1.3 but it might be something like the following in your startup-sequence/user-startup/etc: path SYS:Utilities/ ADD
- Change the icons to point to SYS:Utilities/More instead of just More or C:More
- Get a more replacement that works on 1.3 and rename it as More. More just displays text files as far as I know so anything will do.

As for why more.lha doesn't work for you, it's a MorphOS binary. It's not made for classic Amiga's.
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Wow, thanks for your help. Above and beyond.

I'll give it a go.
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An additional note:
In OS2.0+ you can simply specify "More" as the default tool and it'll pick it up as long as it's anywhere in your path (C:, SYS:Utilities, SYS:Tools, etc.). But OS1.3 needs to have an explicit command specified for the default tool, e.g., SYS:Utilities/More.
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